10 Best Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts

Blogging   Content Marketing 10 Best Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts April 6, 2016 Jyoti Chauhan 4 Comments Blogging , How to Guides Writing genuine blog posts  that help to serve the solution to your readers’ query and also allow users to read them and share them is not as easy as you thought. I am today sharing  10 tips for writing better blog posts.  By better blog posts we mean it should be able to solve a problem, provide engagement of user, target search  traffic  and also make a good fraction of social shares.

Here are the 10 Best Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts

1) Address a Problem
Whenever you write blog posts make sure, it address a problem of the targeted reader. This will help users to read this and connect to the topic. Solving readers’ problem can be done by researching their problems. You can always find topic that readers are facing problems with. For this be active on social sites and Q&A forums too. Quora, and even twitter are a great source to find such topics.
Here are 40+ Blog Post Ideas to craft traffic driven and unique blog posts every day.
2) Craft a Great Headline
I have told this repeatedly and will always tell. In order to write a great post you have to write a great headline. Headlines serve the purpose for busy readers who just skim the topic s and read the post if the topic interests them.
Here is a blog post of 238 Catchy Words List by Nikhil. Use these catchy words to make great headlines.
3) Cite Examples from Other Authority Sites
When you write a post, citing example from an authority site and other high ranking site like Wikipedia, will increase the credibility of your site. This way search engines will also value your site and will recognize the post as a well written one. Remember citing alone doesn’t mean your post is awesome but it will add a feather to your post for sure.
4) Add Relevant Images
Images are said to increase the attention span of your audience. Using good images that are relevant to the topic written is also one of the most essential parts of a well written post.
The post in itself becomes more shareable if there exists an image that is awesome. For images you can include stock photographs, the hand drawn graphics, and infographics and .gif files too. In a way hand drawn images tend to be time consuming but are a good bet when it comes to social shares of post. I mean social shares rise with images that are custom made and rare. Share your blog images with this cool photo sharing sites list and get huge traffic to your website.
5) Internal Linking
In a bid to write the most awesome stuff we should not forget internal linking. Internal linking has huge benefits and a crucial part in a “better blog post”. Through internal linking you not only breathe the air to your closed files in the archives but also make the reader knows that you have previously written a post that is relative to this one. This way your bounce rates to decrease rapidly.
Internal links also are a form of backlink though they are self-made and self-moderated. Search engines also check out your post and crawl the related post through the internal linking so that they are re-indexed.
6) Do Proper keyword Research

I know this point should be placed first because without keyword research you can’t even think of writing a post that garners user attention. Through keyword research you can know which keywords are trending and what the competition percentage for the said keyword is.
For keyword research I use  Google’s keyword planner  which is by far the best keyword research tool, and did I say it is free! You can also hunt for fresh keywords and questions from forums and social sites. Targeting a question that people are asking and then answering it is not enough. I suggest you should go back to the source of that question; in this case it is the forums and Q&A sites. Then you should see if the question has already been answered if not you can answer that and add the link of your freshly written post in the signature. Even if the question is answered you can go a step forward and place your point of view on the topic. This way you become interactive too and will get recognition also. Here is  complete Long Tail Keyword Research Guide
7) One Thing to Do Before Publishing a Post
What is your funda of publishing a post?
choose a topic, write on it Publish! If yes, this is a really wrong way of writing a post. I always do a rough copy before writing a post. You can do it on the distraction free writing mode of WordPress or even better do it in WordPress.  Then sleep over the post. Next day you should re-read it and find what you need to edit. This way you have an advantage of writing a post that is checked twice with different mind states so it becomes better. If you cannot proofread yourself you can hire someone who will do the same for you. This way you can save the time that you could invest in doing more research probably for a new post.
8) Add a Sharing Option to Your Post
Writing a blog post is half done. The other half is sharing the stuff to people who need it. Search engines will do their job, but some posts require promoting them. You should learn promoting your posts like there is no ending. Post it to forums where people tend to ask for related questions.

Post it to social networking sites like mad. You know the main thing is that whatever you do you cannot promote your posts enough. For it you have to ask your readers to promote them. Adding share buttons and tweet able quotes will enhance your posts reach to people that really care for it.
9) Engage With Readers
While writing better blog posts you have to be careful that you don’t sound monotonous. You have to consider that the other person reading it is a human. You can write in a manner you would converse with the person in real. Ask him questions and expect his answers in the comments. This way the reader will enjoy your post and tutorials. You can find an example of this in the point seven above where I have asked you about your publishing style.
10) Write from Heart
Yes this is the last and the best secret of successful bloggers. You can’t do well unless and until you have a passion for what you are doing. If the niche you are blogging in doesn’t interest you its high time to leave it and write blog posts on the niche that you love. Do not miss to take care of SEO in your blog posts. Have this SEO Optimized Content Writing Guide to take care of some basic SEO points while composing your blog post.
Over to you:
I would love to know your recipe of a successful blog post. Please say in the comments.

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