10 Significant Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Website

Are you not clear about how important a mobile-friendliness of a website is? If you haven’t still had your website a mobile friendly website, don’t wait further. Make it done soon.

As far as the Internet facility penetrates among the public, websites has greater impact on businesses.

However, from this article, you will understand the importance of having a mobile-friendly website for its better performance. By reading this, you will know the significant benefits and finally have your website most mobile-friendly.

People are now master in handling smartphones, using it for texting messages till anything. Hence, they would love to access online through mobile devices. You are compelled to offer what they want or like.

A mobile-friendly website is one that displays perfectly on mobile and other handheld devices such as tablets, etc. You can also refer to it as mobile responsive web design or mobile responsiveness. The navigation, fast loading and site accessibility should be the topmost priority when we think about user browsing your web pages through mobile devices. The superior website designing skills and creativity would be supplementary to achieve more user-friendly websites.

Why need to concern about website’s mobile friendliness?

Typically, you might think that your business is not mandatorily depending on mobile users. But, recent studies prove that around 60% of online searches happen from mobile devices. Moreover, about 40% of search engine users switch to a competitor’s website for a reason being you don’t have a mobile friendly website or blog. Hence, the type of business is immaterial when you think about having your mobile responsive website. For any business, it holds for at least 25% of the mobile users to the bottom-line.

Particularly on these festival seasons, you can skyrocket your sales appealing the mobile customers having a mobile-friendly website and landing pages.

Earlier it was an option depending on the business nature. Despite, now it becomes a standard to have a mobile-friendly business website. Search engines want every website or blog to be mobile responsive. Obviously, the optional term has now become a demanding aspect when you want to be strong in SEO.

Reasons to have a mobile friendly website

As a typical human, you are supposed to rely on your mobile phones for anything and everything. It includes; responding emails, keeping track of recent trends in the field, interacting with friends through social networks, shopping, transactions, etc. instantly.

If those mobile users are your prospects, then you will have to have your website encouraging them to access it hassle-free. Indeed, let me share a few more points to prove why it is important to have a mobile responsive website.

Evolution in the Mobile industry

In recent years, smart phones become a must-to-carry gadget for every individual all the time. Indeed, mobiles phones are affordable and best for handheld browsing. As the smart phone sale increases, the doors are open for all other businesses that depend on mobile users.

Vast Mobile Internet Usage

Among the overall mobile users, nearly half of the people prefer to use it for going online. The internet facilities are much evolved in these modern days. Hence, there are massive numbers of mobile users getting online at least once a day. This drastic growth in mobile and internet sectors provides more opportunity for the rest of the business to promote even better.

Google prefers it as a Ranking factor

The search engine ranking does not rely on a single element. There are plenty of terms that make search engines to determine your website ranking. The mobile responsiveness of a website is one of the most crucial ranking factors that Google considers to boost domain authority and rank the sites.

Mobile shopping takes over

Statistics are proving that the mobile traffic exceeds PC during Black Friday seasons. Hence, mobile shopping is most popular and preferable among users. Desktop online users are shifting towards mobile online shopping. The only thing you have to do is ensuring the best mobile experience. You make your website more mobile-friendly appealing users access it effortlessly and complete the sale.

Advanced GPS facilities

When you think about local SEO or local business promotions, GPS technology is a very much used one. Every smart phone now comes with advanced GPS features, and people find it helpful to narrow down the search instants locally. To drive location-based search traffic to land on your website or blog, a well mobile responsive website will do.

Importance and Benefits of having a mobile friendly website

Utmost SEO Benefits

Mobile SEO is now become crucial in optimizing websites for search engines. Indeed, having such website improves the ranking possibilities on mobile-friendly search engines like Google. Responsive web design is one of the SEO boosting factors that are ultimately responsible for organic search results.

If the search engine finds that yours is not a mobile responsive site, then you might subject to penalties. The Google penalties result in lower SERP rankings.  Improving the visibility of the website would be the obvious one for every business. That is very much possible if you optimize the website for both mobile users as well as search engines.

Reaching more target audience

Due to drastic growth in the mobile industry, mobile users and mobile searches are dominant these days. Being an online business owner, you can learn and earn sound knowledge in website building to have the most user-friendly and mobile responsive. Through which, achieve your goal of reaching an enormous number of target audience.

Majority people often check mail through mobile or other handheld devices like tablets. Email Marketing would be best to arrive at the right audience getting the desired responses. By which, you can gain a better exposure among a wide range of people and influencers in your industry.

The well-organized email newsletter campaigns play a vital role in having your brand awareness among your existing customers as well as bringing new leads. You can distribute the latest updates, news, new releases, etc. to the specific selected category of email subscribers build brand awareness.

Improved User Experience

Scratch from planning a website layout, design till choosing a suitable theme, responsiveness in more considerable. Picking a theme that is more responsive for multiple screens relatively improves the user experience of the website. Simple and sleek design and layout of a website with proper navigation features, menu, and sidebars ensure excellent user experience. It will automatically make visitors spend more time on your website reducing the average dwell time.

Increased Sales conversions

Mobile marketing strategy becomes very much feasible since the social media networks gain popularity among all sorts of people. Social platforms make people take immediate actions with its transparency. Increase in number social media lovers and corresponding internet usage leads to this drastic growth in the mobile industry. Having a mobile-friendly landing page and posts on appropriate social networks can drive more traffic to your website.

Most people prefer online shopping or business interactions through handheld devices than desktops. The sleek and professional website design appeals for mobile users to buy or complete the sale with few clicks instantly. You can tempt users by virtually engaging and make sticking to your website.  Hence, you can achieve highest conversion rates.

It’s your turn now to get hold of a Mobile-friendly Website

If you are not sure about your website’s mobile friendliness, check it using tools like Google’s mobile-friendly test, and more. In case of knowing that your website is lacking the mobile-friendly feature, you will have to take immediate actions. You cannot tune it by simply altering one or two minor elements on your website. You have to go through all aspects to enhance it entirely.

The mobile-friendly testing tools itself throw suggestions to fix fundamental errors that impact the mobile rendering nature of the website. By setting those errors, you could visualize the immense improvement in your website’s mobile-friendliness.

Here are the few things to keep in mind before optimizing your website for mobile devices.

  • Know your audience browsing nature
  • Have hyper-personalized buyer persona
  • Frequently run website analytics

Through these three things, you will get enough idea about your target audience. Accordingly, you can plan and design your website to be a mobile-friendly. The mobile-friendly design and content matter a lot to have a website cooked with mobile responsiveness.

Over to you

Without further delay, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Don’t leave away your mobile users. By the way, don’t let your website traffic and business growth to dwindle.

Scratch from browsing until significant purchases to banking transactions are taking place from mobile devices. It is obvious to have your business a substantial one to increase its visibility among the online mobile users. Don’t throw away the chances of enjoying the benefits of a having mobile-friendly website and let your business be ignored.

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Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.

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