10 Blogging Mistakes that Proves you are an Amateur Blogger

I am often given a lame expression for earning money through writing blogs. A general reaction to the blogging profession is “How easy..!! Earn a few bucks just by writing and that too while relaxing at home.”

Gosh. Nooo..!! I bet you that’s not an easy task. It may seem easy but to perch down and do the so-called ‘no-brainer job’, one requires a rigorous mind running and eye squeezing. One always messes up with the things. Because in this stare and innovate task, one is prone to make blogging mistakes.

An amateur blogger, whatever the field may be is bound to fall initially, but yeahhh… The one who rises and doesn’t sit back is always the winner. Same is the case with the bloggers. It does get complicated and bloggers too boggle. Amateur Bloggers always makes mistake and this makes their blog look like an amateur blog.  Here are a few mistakes made by the bloggers. Luckily, it’s easy to overcome the blockades and come up to the desired expectations.

Look at these blogging mistakes you may have made or maybe making right now:

1. You are ahead/ behind the context:

Beginners are so excited to jump in the writing sector that they often miss to grab the crux of the article. They either write too much off the context or go too deep into the topic and fail to grasp the interest of the readers.

 This is a common mistake among the bloggers and could be easily beaten with practice and experience. Here is a complete Content Writing Guide which will help you to write content in a better way. 

2. Style of writing is too rigid: 

To begin with the writing career, bloggers mix up their technique with their conventional form of academic writing and that’s not the style people enjoy while reading.  You should be more conversational while scribbling through your blogs. Write like the way you are talking. Loosen up a little. To catch hold the interest of your viewers should exactly be your primary motive.

Even though the maximum of the people hardly cares about your approach of writing, but they are sure to love the informal/ chit-chatty form of writing. That’s where a connection is established between the two and Blogging mistake must be avoided for the long run.

3. Ideas are too vast to handle:

Having a cup of coffee, or watching an old TV series. Eureka!! Here I get an idea. Beginners are often struck with an idea when they least expect it. To capture an idea in your article is really a tough job. Ideas may storm your mind all times but to bring it into writing is something not in your hands.

You gain knowledge from your experience and grow up as you proceed with each article. Learning from your own gaffes is what helps you the maximum. Being pointed out or condemned a little will soon bring you to a level when you can judge your style of writing and that is when a blogger climbs the ladder of success. 

4. Just writing is not enough:

 To jot down a few words about the topic is not enough. One can just not excel in the field until one writes rewrites and edits his articles. Revision and alteration are very important. It helps in self-evaluation and enhances the content of your blog-post.

You can literally talk out your blogs to yourself or could take the help of an all-time-ready friend “GOOGLE”. Listening to your own piece of writing assists you in finding out the mistakes effectively.

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5. Using fonts way too much:

Being new to the blogging business, one always experiments with fonts. In an effort to make your blog look appealing, one ends up traumatizing the readers by using a variety of flashy fonts. A simple but complete in words is exactly a piece of writing which always makes a special appearance on your blogging page. Save your blog from drowning. Use similar fonts to avoid flashy appearance.

6. Gaudy backgrounds:

At an initial stage, bloggers are so excited about their posts that they don’t leave a stone unturned to adorn their blog-post. In such an attempt, the page is too loud and full of images. They often miss the focus on the content and lay stress on the chaotic layouts and backgrounds, which in turn gives an immature impression to their page.  You must follow these tips to write better blog posts.

7. Too easy to write:

Platforms like blogger.com, wordpress.com are an easy means for amateurs bloggers to begin with their blogging. Access to these sites lets you write all types of articles when one doesn’t look forward to money-making. Once you become aware of the blogging business, you are prone to collect all your previous articles from such websites to open up your professional page or blog on various social podiums. Readers are often given an impression of immature writing skills. This is how bloggers commit blunder. This definitely highlights your blog as an amateur blog.

8. Missing the connection with the readers:

The conventional form of writing is what beginners are familiar with. That is when writers do fail to notice the correlation with their readers. You should try to opt for the give and take policy. Throw in some jokes. Add little humour and spontaneity to your writing and here you go. This way, you attract a number of readers to your blogs and can also promote it. Do not show that your blog is an amateur blog by missing out the connections between the content and the user.

9. Plagiarism:

One is used to the formula of Ctrl +c and Ctrl +v. But coming to the professional world, it is not only considered as a crime but also leads to an unhealthy reputation. To innovate and write down lengthy blogs may seem a little tiring and copying the content from various sources a bit easy, but this is what the reason for your downfall becomes.  Therefore, always keep in mind to be genuine and unique with your posts and avoid this blogging mistake.

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10. Missing hashtags or keywords:

 One loves your posts and wants to follow it. But when one visits your site again, he fails to locate your article. He is prone to go through a few other articles until he ends up getting frustrated and usually loses interest.

This is due to the lack of keywords or search bars. Usage of these can not only refine the look of your website but also help in building the readership of your blogs. Readers would definitely promote your blogs.

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You should always be #descriptive, #innovative, and #unique to gather loyal permanent readers for your blogs. *winks*

Hope these predefined Blogging Mistakes will help you avoid blunders in blogging and helps you to avoid being an amateur blogger.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.