7 Steps an Amateur Blogger Must Climb to Reach on Top

I still remember the time I wrote my first blog and fell under the category of an amateur blogger. Though I was very excited about the new venture I was entering into, I was perplexed at the same time about the influence my blog could have on my readers. 

 Will the content work well?  Would it fetch an ample number of readers? Would I be appreciated or just be treated as a topic to be condemned? All these questions ruled my sleep for 2-3 days and I wasn’t really sure how to come up with any new ideas.

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 But slowly and steadily, I understood the content my audience desires or what ideas can I actually lookout to attract readers to my posts. Though I am still far from the goals  I want to achieve but I can surely look forward to the industry I belong to and am satisfied with the accolades it has fetched for me. 

 Here I write about some of the ones must go through who are amature to the blogging world and still run their blog like an amateur.  This is not going to revolutionize your mindset or compel you to start from the first page but it is definitely going to make you ponder over your working style and hence strive you to perform better on the social platform.

 1. Bring your passion into your writing :

It is truly said, “ANYTHING THAT GETS YOUR BLOG RACING IS PROBABLY WORTH DOING.”   Find out your passion and the topic that interests you. It is only then when you can excel in the field you are working in. It is my experience that you will gain audience when you write something which you truly have a zeal for. The readers will keep coming back to the articles written genuinely, with a  spoonful of love.


  As said, there is no direct formula to top the blogging charts. You have to come out with the things you love.  Thus your hard work defines the mantra of your success. This not only brings out the inner writer in you but also motivates you to write more and more.  

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  You may be attracted by the cooking sites but you end up writing about the travel experiences which is the topic assigned to you. No doubt, if you are a blogger, you will come up with pretty interesting articles about travel world but then, deep down you will repent about the choice you made. Cooking diaries could have brought you more satisfaction. 

  You should first recognize the inner talent you possess and then write about it. This will help you reach your ladder of success even more swiftly and you will be able to move from an amateur blog manager to pro blogger.

 2. Learn about your industry:

 The foremost factor which you should look out to run the leading charts of the blogging industry is to research about the field you are stepping into. When you have knowledge of what your competitors are burning midnight oil about, you definitely will be motivated to work better. When you know what the leading industry demands, you are inclined to write about it. What are your competitors working at present about? What is the content audience is expecting now? How long will it take you to match the levels of industry growth?

 Learn the Basics of    SEO or Search Engine Optimization. All these questions should definitely be looked out for and once you know what is currently in demand, you are certainly bound to perform better. Also, there are tools like BuzzSumo which help you identify the content which is up in the market. It provides you with an insight into the topics related to your business and gives you an immediate value of the phrases or articles you search for.

 3. Come up something brand new the unique, the better:

 Everyone is totally amazed by the exclusiveness of products they are offered to. So you need to be distinct in your terms when it comes to writing your blogs. The topics which are offered to the audience at present bring out almost the same message and writing content.

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  They are so common that they hardly keep any interest in the minds of readers. Also, they are readily available and are dimes a dozen these days. So you need to come up with a creative angle and try to amaze your readers with your brand new ideas. Your creative ideas will become the reason to take you to the expert position from an amateur writer’s position.

 4. Keep yourself organized:

 You are successful if you are ahead of your time. And the key to time management is to keep yourself organized. You can always maintain a content calendar to be on the right path. 

  Especially when you are amateur in blogging, it takes time to get accustomed to the ways of blogging. You spend a day or two on your writing part and then focus on the importance of social impact. Thus losing the actual essence of being a blogger. 

   It’s very late when you realize that you are off the tracks. So one needs to be focused on the regularity of posting high-quality contents on your blog post. You can always look forward to the scheduling apps for your provision. These apps keep you on track and let you be organized in your work.

 5. Bang on with the Title: 

Thousands of readers won’t bother to read your article if the topic doesn’t interest them. Thus losing a large portion of your audience. You definitely consider about coming up with the unique and creative content for your post but you don’t realize the importance of giving it an equally exceptional title.  Though it may seem that labelling it is an easy task. But once you begin thinking about an apt title for your post, you are struck up with innumerous ideas but to settle down with the most appropriate one is very difficult. At points like these, one can easily make use of Portent’s Content Idea Generator.  It gives you a handful of titles and one can choose the most eye-catching heading for their post.

   Thus an exclusive title helps you gain in the number of audiences who would actually read your post after noticing the title.  

 6. Get acquainted with Blogging Masters: 

To be in the shoes of your industry’s heads can be as overwhelming as the urge to compete them in their field of excellence. You should try to get feedback from the ones who were at your place sometime and are now ruling the industry you have just stepped into.

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   This ill give you an idea of where do you stand. Feedback is always motivating be it a mouthful of sugar-coated compliments or a smash of erotic comments on your face. You come to know what you are good at and where do you stand in terms of progress.

   So you should try to interact with your senior and experienced folks, connect with them at a friendly level. This helps you in recognizing your potential and makes you aware of your shortcomings.

   This can be termed as an enhanced version of your parents meet at the school level. Now you are your own judge so you have to be aware of your reports. And to get acquainted with your performance, you need to get in touch with the influencers of your industry.

 7. Give a place for Subscription Box: 

Learning the importance of high-quality content and creative title, we have one more factor to be kept into consideration. Always keep space for the subscription box. This may be present at any suitable place of your article but to utilize its actual benefits, it should always be kept at the top. The more the view, the more is the number of email subscribers and will give you the direct permanent readers.

  Thus keeping a note of the above strategies can definitely help you grow in the industry of blogging and will help you to move from amateur blogger place to a pro blogger space.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.