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 Freelance Writing is one of the fastest growing industry. As we all know that the internet industry is based on quality content. Search Engines will follow the websites with amazing high quality content. For this, the demand for quality content and simultaneously writers has roused to a  vast extent.

There is a great solution to this growing demand ie

What is ContentMart all about?

Contentmart is a platform which connects freelance writers and clients who need content. Here you can Signup as a Writer or as a Client and get your work done from the qualified writers.

It is unlike other freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer or People Per Hour where you can get freelancers for every kind of job like Web Development, Bookkeeping, Graphics and others etc. Contentmart is a dedicated platform for Writers as well as the content seekers.

ContentMart for Writers

 If you are a writer and looking for freelance writing projects then Contentmart is the best place for you. Here you can get writing projects in almost all the niches. You just need to create an account as a writer and start bidding for the writing projects the client has posted. Here is the detailed process:

Account Creation: Creating an account on Contentmart is just a matter of 10 seconds. Signup as a writer with Facebook and you are done with registration. Register as a Writer in ContentMart 

1. How to Start as a writer? After registration, writers have to pass a general test to get qualified for start bidding for projects.

2. Profile Creation: You must correctly fill up your profile and do not forget to add your previous work there. With your portfolio, you will be able to get more projects upon bidding.

3. Ready to Bid: Its time to place bid on the projects client’s has posted. Describe your way of work in short. Complete the work on time and you will be paid after the approval of your submitted piece.Placing a Bid in ContentMart

4. Verified Status: You can also comply for the verified status on Contentmart bypassing some of the conditions of the website. This will help you to enrich your profile and getting more orders.

ContentMart for Clients

It is very clumsy to find good writers these days but Contentmart has solved this problem with the rising demand of content writers. Clients can post their articles on Contentmart with their terms and conditions with their budget. Once you place the project, writers on the board will start bidding for your project. You can choose the best suited person and get your work done. Here is the detailed process:

1.Account Creation: Well unlike writers Signup you need to signup as a Client after clicking the Registration tab.Register as a Client in ContentMart 

2. How to begin as a Client? Now you need to create your profile and start placing an order.

3. How to Place an order of Contentmart? Placing an order on Contentmart is very easy and organized. 

As you can see in the image. You need to provide the following details such as:

Name of the Topic Order Details where you need to mention little description of the project whereabouts. Deadline of the Project Category of Writing Required Expertise Language Price per word Articles Quantity and Required Words Set priorities:  You can now set the priorities according to the specific writers you want or set it to public by default where all writers can bid. Reception of Bid: You will start receiving the bids from different suited content writers on the board. Review and order finalization: You can now review the writer’s profile & choose the best suited man for you.

Why you should use ContentMart over other Freelance Writing Platforms?

 Dedicated Platform for Writing Stuff: ContentMart is a dedicated platform for writers so here you can expect quality and moreover there are quality checks so that clients are able to get the best stuff from them.

 Clear Cut Communication System: Contentmart has their own inbuilt chat system which has made the communications easy and workable. This can also be used as a medium to exchange more detailed instructions and work details.

 Safe and Easier Payment System: The Payment system of ContentMart is crystal clear and clients can pay easily with various mediums. You can even recharge your contentmart wallet with net banking.

 Pay in INR as well: Contentmart is very handy for Indian clients as they can pay in INR to Indian Writers.

Special Affiliate Program of ContentMart Contentmart has amazing affiliate program. You can earn whenever someone Signup from your link and make a purchase from it. You will get 10% of all the orders made by person who signup from your affiliate link. So Signup Now!

Final Words for ContentMart I personally recommend you to use Contentmart to accomplish your content need. I have done it personally and get it done at very affordable rates. Even this is an amazing platform for passionate writers who can make a great living from their passion for writing stuff. Signup Now!

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