How To Create Facebook Business Page in 15 Minutes?

What’s on your mind?

A tagline that changed the lives of millions of online users. 

Facebook, the most popular social media platform meant to share views, lives, and also pictures of your family and friends. It has completely revived its brand image from a mere portal for social interactions to a business magnet entirely.

Companies are launching their offers, new products, video ads to this medium before going onto any other online medium.

As Facebook is now a place with more than 2 billion monthly active users. Businesses, especially small enterprises need to cash in this opportunity to connect with your target audience easily. 

Facebook Fanpage Success Story

Horlicks, one of the established brands, ran a campaign on Facebook and TV in India with a theme “Bandho nahi bachpan ko” with an idea of introducing the child’s immunity in their growing years.

While many assume that Facebook is just for small businesses, but it can be beneficial for new themes or concepts for established brands as well. 

Facebook helps to enhance buying intent among users. 

The Facebook ad campaign helped them reach a large group of users with better results thereafter. The following data was released once the ad was seized. 

  • Their reach increased by more than 60% as compared to TV alone.
  • More than 50% increase in awareness.

Like the company improved its customer engagement chances, you too can start a Facebook page.

But, if you are curious how to get started or how to manage a page effectively.

Here are some pointers that will help to build an incredible business page on Facebook.


Step 1- Start With Filling Out Your Business Info

You can start by using the link, or use the drop-down menu of the any Facebook page to select “Create Page” menu.

Once you reach the page, you will see two options such as “Business or brand” and Community and public figure”.

As we have already mentioned that this article is about Facebook business page, so you need to select Business or brand.

Create Facebook Business Page

You need to fill out some of the fields under the chosen category.

  • Name
  • Category
  • Address 
  • Phone Number

Make sure the name written is correct as you can change a category, but can never be changed.


Step 2- Include Profile and Cover Image

Once you have filled the necessary details, Facebook will prompt you to add a suitable image and over image for your business page.

The photo will be like the favicon that will appear every time whenever you comment or post a new content on your page. 

Ideal Facebook Profile Image size- 180*180 pixels

Square dimensions are usually considered best as a display profile. 

Ideal Facebook Cover image size- 828*465 pixels

So, using a nice cover image that supports your branding completely will help to draw attention or help inducing some emotion.

You can also hire a designer for an incredible business page images. Canva is also an incredible free tool to produce fantastic Facebook images or cover photos.

Use high resolution images for uploading any picture on your business page. Also, Facebook recently introduced a new tool for making an effective online presence. 

You can now upload cover and profile videos as well. A mix match of both features can be helpful in creating engrossing content for your target customers. 

Step 3- Don’t Leave Any Information Blank on FB Page

Using the “PAGE INFO” tab will help to find the right kind of categories that need to be filled while making a business page. 

Following are the things that need to be filled completely.

  • Description of your Business: Here you are given around 155 characters to explain the important things about your business.
  • Categories: Choosing the right category will help to find your page better. 
  • Contact Information: Make sure to fill in the right information as mentioned on your website. It will help to build the credibility of the brand. 
  • Business hours:  It will help to notify you customers to find the suitable type to ping you. 

Experts recommend to make a username for your business page to help customers find you faster.

And adding a button, preferably CTA below the cover photo will help to guide visitors what to do next after reaching your page. 

Step 4- Customize Your Business Page

You can choose your preferable profile setting using the page setting of your pages such as templates or tabs. This will help to decide the final look of your page. 

Tabs are essential to create sections in your profile and help visitors find they are looking for easily. 

To make it less challenging for, Facebook already comes with preinstalled themes and presentations with embedded CTAs.

You can preview each template under “View details”. Some of the commonly available templates include- 

  • Shopping
  • Business
  • Venues
  • Movies
  • Nonprofit
  • Politicians
  • Services
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Video Page
  • Standard

You can also list your services, offers, online shopping links, reviews. Photos, posts, and other essentials that are required for making a page effective for engaging users. 

You can also start a page group as well to invite the like-minded people and discuss what’s going on currently and how different things can help you establish your brand. 

Step 5- Add People On to Your Page

If you can’t do social media marketing alone, there is a possibility you would want to share the responsibility with different marketers working for your brand. 

You can add them according to the roles offered such as-

  • Admin 
  • Editor
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser
  • Analyst

To establish the different roles, just go to the page settings and look for the page roles tab.

Remember that creating a profile is pretty easy nowadays. But, making it valuable for you and your customers, it’s essential to post shareable content that helps engaging thousands of users.

Also, understand that Facebook is a way to create a humane side to your brand. So, ensure each and every query asked is responded to. 

And, earn credibility by being responsive in finding solutions, not adding to the list of issues.

Happy Networking!!! 

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.