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The long wait came to an end with the release of “Domain Name Investing 101” by Manmeet Pal Singh Mahal, president of Domain Name Owners Association of India™ and founder of DomainX™ Events. An introductory guide, a book much awaited by people starting out with the Domain Names to learn tricks and trade of the industry.

Domain Name Industry is huge and soon India is going to learn and experience from the Domain Name Industry Giants. Conference Dates 6 and 7 August 2016


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DomainX 2016 Taj Mahal Trip & Networking Event Highlights [Day 1]


DomainX 2016 Conference Highlights & Photos [Day 2]

Introduction to Manmeet Pal Singh

 Manmeet Pal Singh Mahal Manmeet originally from Amritsar, the holy city of Punjab state in India. He is one of the biggest Domain Name investors in India with over 15 years of experience. He is a serial Internet entrepreneur and heads Soofi Group, a private group of companies. During his career, he has dealt with the likes of Google, Job.com, Godaddy.com etc.

Manmeet P Singh is a full time dedicated domain name investor who has developed a premium portfolio in domain name industry of more than few hundred topmost category, and a few thousand generic domain names in different niches.

He is one of the early birds of Domain Name industry in India. His vision has led him to the foundation of DomainX™ Events (Conferences & Workshops), a platform for domain name investors in India to come together and promote the world of domain names among masses. This also helps bring investors, more funding, exposure and awareness towards the domain name industry.

Some of Manmeet’s Achievements in Domain Name Industry are written as below:

Sold 143.com for $150,000. AYK.com for mid-five figures (under NDA) CreateResume.org was sold to Job.com Inc. in 2011 for top four figures @bhangra twitter handle for low five-figure amount to the ABC Digital Distribution and read many more………… from his newly released eBook “Domain Name Investing 101”.

He loves superbikes and rides my favourite Harley Davidson Iron 883 and Suzuki Intruder 1800. You will read some more interesting things which make him stand out of the crowd for this eBook.

I would like to congratulate Manmeet for the successful launch of this great eBook on Domain Name Investing.

What “Domain Name Investing 101” covers?

 Foreword & About Author Introduction – Domain Name Chapters: What is Domain Name Investing? Can You Make Money Buying, Selling, Leasing or Trading Domain Names? How to Effectively Monetize Domain Name Inventory? Some of My Domain Name Sales Advice from Best in Domain Name Business

Here is the introductory video for this awesome eBook.

This is one of its only kind 27 Pages eBook that every domain name enthusiast must-read.

You will be surprised to read the Foreword for the book as it is written by the most celebrated writer of the domain name industry, Mr Ron Jackson, Editor & Publisher, DNJournal.com

This book is a complete deep den of knowledge to jump start investing in Domain Names.

Review of Domain Name Investing 101

Domain Name Investing 101 gives a deep insight into the Domain Name Industry and How it works.

If the Internet is a virtual world, domain names are its real estate. By Frank Schilling Founder – Uniregistry.com

Like in the real world real estate investment requires a lot of planning, research and lookups. Here also Domain Industry requires even more research. You need a deep thorough research on trending industry and booming businesses where you can throw money and get a big throwback in the near future.

Manmeet states this with a great example of 3D printers . 10 years back 3D printer industry was foreseeing no future and investors who have invested in 3D printing domains than are going to become millionaires in coming years.

This is book Domain Name Investing 101 is a sure shot blueprint to become a millionaire and even billionaire.

This book covers advice from the Domain Name Industry Giants which are going to give you a boost in domain name industry. You must go for this eBook and give a start to the art of Domain Name Investing.

Request your Free Copy of “Domain Name Investing 101” now! You can request “Domain Name Investing 101” by visiting http://www.domaininsider.in and use code: “ RUSTY ” for a FREE COPY!

This is what a little about Domain Name Investing 101 and  Manmeet Pal Singh Mahal.  

DomainX holds Domain Name investing workshops and events every year to learn about this whopping business.

Recently a workshop was organized by DomainX in Goa where more business was discussed and knowledge about business was shared among the attendees. DomainX 2015 Conference was organized at The Taj Westend in Bangalore on 7th & 8th August where over 600+ professionals participated.

Don’t worry If you missed past events.

This year DomainX Events going to organize DomainX 2016 Conference in the heart of India that is New Delhi. You will get a chance to meet, greet and learn from the industry giants from all over the world. This 2 day meet is going to be super ballistic and more knowledgeable, more power and more money is going to flow during these two days.

Watch the Highlights of

DomainX 2016 Taj Mahal Trip & Networking Event Highlights [Day 1]


DomainX 2016 Conference Highlights & Photos [Day 2]

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