17 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money from Blogging

There is no doubt that blogging is going to take you to new heights in name, fame and financial status. You can be financially free, become your own boss and earn a lot more money. You may be having your blog(s) and there are chances that you are relying only on the conventional methods for income from your blog. 

Here I am going to tell you 17  Easy Ways to Make Extra Money from your Blog including the conventional and new money-making methods.

I have interviewed some amazing bloggers who are earning amazingly from their blog. Before knowing the easy ways to make money online. Watch these bloggers who are doing this:

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 Let us move to money making methods & see how to make money blogging:

1. Adsense:

 Most of the bloggers start their first online income from Adsense. Adsense is Google Ad Network which provides you ads to put on your blog. Whenever someone visits your blog and click the ad. You are going to make money out of it. You will also make money when someone only sees your ad but that revenue will be very less than the revenue through clicks.

Adsense approval is not easy these days. You need to clear a lot of conditions before getting your AdSense account approved.  Moreover, your blog must be 6 months old to get your AdSense approved. Whenever your AdSense account is approved then it is a wow moment for every blogger.

2. Adsense Alternatives:

 Adsense is not the sole ad network that provides you display ads. There are Adsense alternatives which help you to earn money from your blog. Look at these  Best Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2016.

3. Sponsored Posts:

When your blog becomes popular then many doors open up for you automatically. Companies and other bloggers start approaching you. Companies offer you to write for their products and services or they pay you to have their sponsored post on your blog. I made my first earning from a sponsored post offered by an Email Marketing Company.

4. By Providing Services:

 You can make your blog around the services and fetch clients and customers from your blog. Rusty Blogger is also a kind of Internet Marketing Services blog from where I used to fetch direct clients. I provide excellent Digital Marketing Services.

5. Affiliate Marketing: 

 Affiliate marketing is also one of the wonderful sources of income. Bloggers and affiliate marketers used to earn huge huge money from affiliate sales. All it happens when a reader has full trust in you. When you told them to go for services or the product, they buy and you get commissions out of them. There are a millionaire and even billionaire bloggers from affiliate marketing. This is one of the most amazing methods of making money from blogging.

6. Selling your own products:

If you own a production house and you have your own products. Why not sell them through your own blog. Create content around your product fetch loyal customers and then sell your unique awesome product from your website.  Must remind these 10 Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts around your niche.

7. Direct Advertisements

After becoming popular on web companies of your niche can contact you or you can contact the companies to have their advertisement on your website. It can be a banner ad or sidebar ad. You can charge fix amount monthly or whatever the conditions are settled.

8. Freelance Writing:

Freelance writing is another emerging market in the world. As you must have heard that the content is the king? Content production for your clients can be a great option for you. Clients are ready to pay huge amount of money for proper high quality SEO optimized content. I also provide freelance writing services and you are not able to write for your website, I can help you to do that.


9. Online Courses/Workshops:

 If you are master of a jack then you should start online tutorials to the newbies of your field. This can be beneficial for both of the parties. You can charge them something or you can make them buy your product in exchange of providing them with the training in free. You can hold a workshop with nominal fees where you can train multiple students regarding your services.

10. Sell Images:

 If you are good at photography and has something that can attract the eyes of everyone then you can even sell your photos. Reach the potential customers by creating content around your pictures and add a price tag with them. There are free photo sharing websites where you can share your pictures with huge audiences. It may happen that any photographer may offer you some kind of package or hire you to shoot for them or buy images of yours.

11. Become a Niche Consultant: 

Suppose you are an expert eye makeup artist and has every knowledge in this niche or field. You can setup a blog around the eye makeup accessories, how to’s and many other related activities. Build a community on social media and interact with people in real time. You can share some information for free and can charge for personal assistance or more detailed knowledge. This is going to make you huge money in your respective niche. You can also sell products related to your niche within your blog community.

12. Ask for Donations:

Now you know that you put a lot of time, money and energy to set up a blog. You spent hours in creating quality content and publish it for free. Lots and lots of people get benefit from the content you write. Many people get their problems solved from your blog. You can politely ask them for a cup of coffee or donation at the end of the post. People who might get a wonderful solution from your blog post can order a cup of coffee. If this kind of generous people come in huge numbers then you can earn a decent amount of money. Many established bloggers do this and make money blogging.

13. Write an eBook and Sell:

It is time to pen down your knowledge in the form of an eBook. Create a well formatted eBook and fill it with all the knowledge you have about the particular topic you want to share. Add value to it so that people can be benefited from it. Promote it on your blog and set an attractive affordable price for it. Sell it on your blog and earn extra dollars from your blog. It is a very effective way of making money blogging.

14. Paid Reviews:

 When you become popular in your niche then you will start getting requests for the paid reviews. In this product, companies will ask you to write a sponsored or paid review for their product. You can charge the companies according to your blog’s worth and popularity. You can also set affiliate links in the same review post which will let you to get commissions out of each sale through your blog.

 Learn SEO Content writing.

15. App Marketing:  

This is a world of apps and now you can make money from blogging through marketing a particular app or marketing apps of a single niche. Suppose you have a good hand in writing about dating, love and relationship material, then you can promote dating apps on your sites. You can tie up with dating apps or affiliate networks to set up links for you. With each app install from your blog, you are going to earn an affiliate commission.

16. Sell Community Memberships:

 Grow your blog and build a loyal readership. Now to make money from your blog, you can make a dedicated community around your niche. Give free memberships to some of the top mentors in niche and rest you can charge from other people to enter in the premium community to interact with the other real time mentors of your niche.

17. Become a Public Speaker:

 Speaking at DomainX Event in ACET Amritsar This is my personal favourite. It is a condition when you are master of all the jacks in your niche. The time will come when companies, organizations will start calling you to speak at the events. You can charge them huge to represent there. There are a lot many speakers such as Neil Patel who used to charge huge huge amount of money from the organizers to speak at the events.

I had been to an event as a speaker and here is the wonderful speaking experience of mine at DomainX Workshop 2016 at ACET Amritsar

There is a long way to reach the speaker level but there are other 16 ways by which you can make money from your blog. Hope you have find this post interesting and would like to share in your social network. If you are earning from your blog from other than these methods. Then please let me know I ‘ll update the post with your reference. GO MAKE MONEY BLOGGING


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