5 Ecommerce Business Problems Faced by Startups

There is more to growing an eCommerce startup than meets the eye. Entrepreneurs thinking about starting an eCommerce venture must know what challenges they will have to face. Each step in the multi-vendor eCommerce business model presents a unique problem that requires a different set of strategies to overcome that challenge.

However, eCommerce platforms like YoKart, which are feature-rich and designed to make things easier for its owner, presents an opportunity to start an eCommerce venture while getting good returns on investment.

To pinpoint the challenges faced by startups during their growth period, I decided to review YoKart to observe this eCommerce platform and see if it will solve the challenging problems faced by eCommerce startups.

Without further ado, let us look at the five eCommerce problems solved with YoKart that startups face.

Problem 1: Technical challenges

While stepping into startup ecosystem, the business development and marketing phase takes a lot of time and money. To keep the cash inflow positive, marketers have to work hard to reach the right audience. However, due to technical glitches, a business can lose the potential customers brought to a site after a lot of marketing efforts. The growth rate of the startup can severely get affected, which can hamper the business and marketing operations, bringing the growth of the startup to a halt. To address a solution to this problem, the YoKart development team offers one year of free technical support, so that startups can focus their attention on expanding business instead of facing technical challenges.

Problem 2: Scaling up

Ecommerce ventures face startling growth during their initial years. The pressure to handle the increasing demand of consumers can overwhelm even the most experienced entrepreneur. However, YoKart enables its owner to work under pressure as it greatly makes life easier with its advanced tools and features.

Any eCommerce startup looking to expand its horizons will understand the need to migrate from a hosted solution to a self-hosted customized solution. There can be a number of reasons behind opting for customized self-hosted solution; a few of them are as follows:

Need for different website design for brand development The need to implement a different payment gateway for country-specific currency The need to make the queries run faster To add more functionality by adding more modules Scaling up is a big necessity of eCommerce stores, and I actually liked the way YoKart makes it simple for startups to scale up. It comes with 3 different plans offering a different solution to address different business requirements such as: For Startups (hosted), Go Quick (self-hosted) and Go Custom (self-hosted with custom eCommerce store design).

With YoKart, entrepreneurs going through scaling issues can migrate to a higher plan without any decrease in productivity. With the launch of its new import/export feature, owner and vendors can easily export or import product categories, products, shipping, brands, countries information to help with the migration process or to troubleshoot.

Problem 3: Meaningful Data

Ecommerce startups require deep analysis of how the product behaves and what the consumers are looking for. Knowing market behaviour is a good way to tap the unexplored areas of different market segments, but it requires analytics with KPIs specific to the eCommerce industry, to gain such information.

This is where YoKart comes in to rescue fulfilling the need of generating robust reports containing in-depth information about sales, products, tax, commissions, affiliates, and users. The dashboard of the admin area showcases sales, sales earning, signups, products, and affiliate signups in the form of bar graphs, which enables one to know the overall growth of the store.

With such advanced features, YoKart platform assists website owner in forecasting the demand and supply of each product, ensuring that most sold items are available in the inventory so that no sale is lost to a competitor.

Problem 4: Easy Modifications

Businesses making use of easy-to-maintain platforms and open source technologies for satisfying their business requirements tend to perform better than their counterparts for various reasons. The most basic reason is that modifying those platforms is easy and can be done in a cost-effective manner.

Being built from scratch to work for the business under any circumstance, YoKart brings a plethora of benefits with itself. It is built using the Lamp stack, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP language. 

The Lamp is based on the open source development model, which helps in getting help easily.

The YoKart system is based on model view controller (MVC) architecture, which helps the programmer test each feature and desired output in much less time, the snippets of code become reusable making the programmer productive and it also enables the amalgamation of business logic with programmer’s logic.

Problem 5: Good for Business

YoKart turned out business friendly as I feel it protects the way owners want to conduct business activities. With enterprise-level security system perfectly in place, owner and vendors can concentrate on business activities without having to worry about other issues.

YoKart is based on open source Lamp stack, which means that the software being used to create YoKart is updated and patched to provide the best security. Being open source in nature also means that businesses can find professionals to extend the features of YoKart at much less cost.

However, YoKart is not based on open source platforms like WordPress, Magento and OpenCMS. The key aspect, which makes YoKart stand out in the crowd is that it is made with FATbit framework, which is developed in-house by developers having years of experience in the eCommerce domain.

 YoKart has received appreciation at a global level and has won an award at TiECON-STPI hosted an event as well. It has also been featured in several prestigious online magazines like INC and Examiner. Starting at just $250, it comes from experienced developers after thorough testing. With an easy to manage dashboard, YoKart makes the perfect starting point for startups and is also the right eCommerce platform for enterprise level requirements. Try Demo, if you are looking forward to starting multi vendor store anytime in future.


Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.