Are you Blogging as a Hobby or for Money?

 There are many bloggers who started blogging as a hobby and then they began to earn a lot through their blogging, thus converting their blogging Hobby into an affordable business. One of the best examples is Harsh Agrawal from Shout me Loud, in his many interviews, he claims this which teaches you to blog and make money online.

Personally, let me tell you that I started my blogging career to earn money from my blog and have earned enough but it was a very hard way because of the competition these days.

But if you are blogging as a habit then you never need to bother about the money and you can keep going with your blog without worrying about the earning and a time comes when it becomes a major earning platform for you.

There are many bloggers in the world who the only blog to help people or to share their own views. I won’t be sharing any blogs or name of the bloggers who actually blog for no earning. These bloggers can share their own thoughts and personal stories.

Another thing for which they can blog is to show their talent to the world. They might have the talent of dancing, photography or are maybe good at some other things. What they do is create their own blog to get fame. The dancers may start their own video blog to earn popularity whereas a photographer can run a blog to sell his photos or to get more work.

When you are doing blogging as a hobby then there are chances that you might meet many new people online. I personally have made many friends of mine through blogging and I can actually call them my friends.

Why people do blogging for money?

There might be many people who want to be their own boss. And blogging makes us our own Boss, we need not work under anyone. And even sometimes it’s really hard to find a good job, even with a good experience and proper qualification. So, people look for opportunities to make their living online. There may be many who end up finding a good job and end up starting a blog to make their living. But one of the saddest things is that many of the bloggers give up when they are not even able to earn through blogging and some of them leave blogging when they would be at the edge of earning money online.

Some of the other reasons for blogging: 

There are many other reasons why people do the blog. Business and hobby are not only the only two reason for blogging but there are some more, which I will be sharing with you.

Blogging for getting Freelance writing:

 It is really good for freelance writers to have their own blog, it can help them to get writing work for them. There many freelance writers who have created their own blog and getting tons of writing work through their blog. And if you love writing and wants to make your living through freelance writing then you must go for a personal blog of yours.

This is because your blog is a big sample of your content writing and people can judge your writing through the blog and will be willing to hire you by just reading the content on your blog.

Blogging for website:

 These days it has become a compulsion to have a blog on a website. That is because Google asks to have fresh content on a website and asks to regularly update your website. So, keeping in mind about Google rules many webmasters are creating a blogging option on their websites.

 I have always created a blog on my websites to keep my website updated and moreover, it helps to get a lot of visitors to my website.  More visitors means more income and the best way to make money online. In one of my projects, I was able to get thousands of unique visitors to my client’s website by doing blogging only.

Helps to Build Audience for the Websites:

 You can say that the above point is the same but I have to mention it differently because it is a little different from it. People go to the places on the internet from where they can get value. And while blogging, you can easily create value and build the audience.

As soon as I created value for my blog, there were visitors asking me to link to them, write about them and also wanted to learn from me that how I have reached this place, thus building an audience for my blog and website too.

It can help you to learn new things:

Blogging is a two-way process, means if you can’t read others blog then this is no possibility for you to write or write perfectly. When we read other blogs, we get a chance to learn about many things. You will get new ideas and some of the new things may interest you which helps you to make money online.

It Diversifies your skills:

The best blogs can have much more than words. They may have creative content, high-quality infographics, a good layout, and more attractive features. So just think of the other skills except content writing, there are many things like photography, technical skills, designing and knowledge about many things.

But if you don’t have any of the skills, then I can bet that you are surely going to learn these skills. You will get developing skills from coding to designing graphics and also moving to video production.

What are you up to now?

After reading this long post, why do you want to start a blog?

Do you want to start a blog for earning money (business) or want to start a blog as habit only?

I think it doesn’t matter because you can do both at the same time.

I mean if you are blogging as a habit then it won’t be difficult for you to write content and do blogging and you also earn by monetizing some of the ad networks.

And if you are doing blogging as a business then you have to make blogging as your habit to write content.

Final Words:

 Here I want to say that blogging can be done as a business as well as a hobby. But we could love to hear from you what your views are about it. So, feel free to ask any question about it through the comments and we will be happy to help.

Summary Article Name Are you Blogging as a Hobby or for Money? Description Blogging is the best way to share your views, thoughts & knowledge among huge audience. Sharing this knowledge on blog can help you make money online.

Abhishek Jain

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