How a single pin on Pinterest get me 1356 views?

 Pinterest Marketing Yes, 1356 views from a single pin and I am still counting. This story is about a single pin that I have pinned 2 years back approximately. There are 1600+ pins on my Pinterest account and few of them are famous and working great but not as much as this particular pin whose story I am sharing here. This seems to be magical for me. It really gives me 1356 hits till now. I know this number is not big to hear in 2 years but friends think if all 1600 pins worked similarly. So if we can design a planned Pinterest marketing strategy, then we can direct tonnes of traffic to our websites.

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But some of you may be new to this amazing platform Pinterest. So let me first brief you what Pinterest is all about.

The one who knows about setting up Pinterest can skip this section and move to next. Here are some of the amazing facts about Pinterest. It is 11 Billion worth image sharing platform with 100 million users worldwide. You can create different boards over there and place your images out there.

The most interesting thing about Pinterest is that 85% of pinners are females. 42% of US Pinterest users are adult which means Pinterest is a great marketplace for vendors. Women shop a lot online and Pinterest can do magic for your affiliate links. Of course, it a traffic den for bloggers to route a lot of visitors to our blog posts. It is true and I will explain how I did it and yes you can do it too. It even drives more traffic than Google+, Linkedin and Youtube combined.

Mashable also wrote a case study about this.

 2 years back when I was a newbie, I came to know about Pinterest from a friend. He told me to create an account and start using it. I found it interesting as people were posting beautiful images. I know who uses Pinterest is aware of this thing that it is amazing place to see mind blowing shots. I was a newbie to SEO and all these social platforms.

I was learning Search Engine Optimisation or SEO from a guy in Ludhiana. He told me to create 5 more accounts as supporting accounts on Pinterest to repin pins from our main account. I did exactly like that. I used to pin pictures on my main account and then repin and like them from those three supporting accounts.

I used to find this boring at first and stopped doing all these stuff for a week. I was pinning regularly on my main account ( ) and after few days I see a dramatic change in repins on my main account.

I had just started a multi-niche blog Am I Psyche? that time.  I was motivated after watching those repins and start pinning pictures via blog post URL on Pinterest. Once I wrote an article about Trendy short hair concepts for women.  I used beautiful pictures in that blog post and made it engaging according to women users. I pinned each and every pin on Pinterest from the blog URL. Then I repinned them from my supporting accounts. Simultaneously I was pinning other stuff as well


113 repins in the first week

The time passes and after a week one of my pin linked to that blog got 113 repins and wonder traffic flowing to my site via this single pin. Slowly and steadily the amount of repins and likes went on increasing and till date it got 1882 repins and 422 likes which is beyond my expectations.

You know what I have tracked my traffic reports and till date, I have received 1356 hits on my blog post that is   10 Psyche and Trendy short hair concepts for women . I know the amount of hits in 2 years is not big but think if hundreds of our pins get such response. I am using the same Pinterest marketing strategy for my other websites as well and it works for them too. Pinterest marketing is the best way to get fashion geeks to your blog and make sales. Design a well Pinterest marketing strategy and execute it properly to get a lot of targeted traffic to your website. Before that, you must learn from this long-tail keyword research guide.

Here I am briefing the Pinterest marketing tips which you can apply in your Pinterest marketing campaigns to get more traffic and leads :

Create a Pinterest business account. Fill every detail in full. Never left any detail in your account. Verify your website by inserting the meta tag generated into the head of your website’s index page. Start pinning awesome pins regularly and follow people with the same interest. Write a beautiful description for your pins and link back to your website by editing the source. Use hashtags in the description that describes your pin the best. Send invites to people to pin on your boards. Create 3 to 5 supporting accounts. Repin and like your pins from each account. Follow this process regularly. Share the pins on connected accounts of social media. That is all you have to do. Now be patient and track the result and see which pin of you is converting for you more. Promote that more and you will see the magic. You will start getting a lot of repins and likes and automatically traffic will start flowing towards your blog. Hope you will find these Pinterest marketing tips useful and you will create a great Pinterest marketing strategy to get targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.