How To Start a Blog in 2021 That Makes Money on Autopilot

There are 7 steps to start blogging in 2021:


1. Identify Your Blogging Interest

People are confused about starting a blog and banging their heads against walls to find the right mentor.

According to them, blogging is just one way to make a lot of money which they can only do with the help of the right mentors.

Instead, the first thing you need to find is your knowledge, passion, interest, or enthusiasm in any topic.

This topic may be a programming language that you already use in your company, and this may be a specific job category.

Whatever stage of your life you find yourself in, we all have some special skills and passions that drive us.


2. Find a Domain Name for Your Blog

A domain name is the name of your website. So, once you have decided on your blogging topic, next is the domain name.

Companies like GoDaddy, NameCheap, and BigRock are one of the world’s leading domain providers.

Therefore, you will need to open any of the websites mentioned above to find the perfect domain name for your business. You can also use some domain name generators to find good domains.


3. Find a Good Hosting for Your Blog

Hosting is an online server that helps you store your data.

So, your domain name will be the name of your website, and all data for that website will be stored on the server which is called hosting.

Since data is very important for your blog, you should select your hosting company very carefully.


4. Blogging Content Management System

This is the system that will help you add content to your blog.

WordPress is one of the best content management systems with more than 60 million websites running on it in the world.

They have provided a great visual editor that you can use to perform different activities like bold, italic, underline, hyperlink, color, font, font size, etc. With this editor, you can manipulate and render your content based on the requirements of your site.


5. Grab All Social Media Identities

All the big companies have integrated social media into their businesses.

They launch their products exclusively on social media and interact directly with their customers.

So, the first task after purchasing a WordPress domain, hosting, and configuration is to capture all your social media identities.


6. Find a Perfect Theme for Your Blog

WordPress has many themes. You can choose the theme based on your blog category and install it easily.

The theme must be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and it must be responsive as well for mobile devices.

Also, make sure to purchase an unlimited sites license.

The topic of your blog should be easy to manage and should fit into your blog’s category.


7. Start Writing

No matter how proficient you are in English, no matter how much knowledge you have about your topic, and no matter how you feel about your writing, your blog will grow on its own only when you start writing.

Over time, you will start to have ideas for writing and your readers will start to enjoy/read what you have to say.

You can use grammar proofing tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid to easily write error-free content.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.