How to File DMCA Complaint/ Notice against Copied Content in 2021?

Updated in February 2021

Right from our college, we inherit the easiest policy of  CTRL+C and CTRL+V. Hardly do we realize that it becomes a habit and moving forward, this habit even forms a routine for most of us. But when it comes to blogging, this practice is totally taboo.

You write thousands of articles, investing your time and skills. And someone copies your content giving his own  Thus taking all the credit, Annoying, isn’t it? The sad part is there are times when you don’t even come to know about it or realize it at a very later stage.

Certainly, there should be a check about theft. Now the question arises how can we ensure it? More importantly, can it even be shielded in the first place?  It is practically onerous but definitely not impossible. With advancement comes the technology of tools that help you track down these cases of plagiarism. There are a number of tools available online that help you beat these ethical issues.  Also, the all-time helper Google gives you an opportunity to file a complaint against the one who tries to take your share of the credit. You are the owner of your blog and the one who tries to hamper it surely needs to be taught a lesson. How can anyone rob your finest content?

What is DMCA Complaint?   

Now we will discuss what exactly is DMCA and how does it work? Digital Management Copyright Act is derived from two different treaties of WIPO (World intellectual property Organization).

This copyright law ensures that no one misuses the literary works over the electronic media. It prevents the enabling of any technological copying and criminalizes the act of violation of digital media and market.  It provides notice to the company or the search engine at fault and tries to remove the data as soon as possible.

Also, it serves as a platform that acknowledges the complaints, deals with them, and finally rejects the plea if not found sufficient enough to be valid or accepts it and terminates the users who are proven guilty.

How to file a DMCA complaint against duplicate content?    

Google provides easy access to their facility of taking down the online defaulters. Anyone who feels that his content has been stolen can file a DMCA complaint. The more interesting part is that you are your own lawyer for the infringement of your online material. All you have to do is to fill out a form for them providing all the necessary details which enable them in tracking down the social cheat of your blog and getting it removed if properly notified.

First, you can definitely go ahead and contact directly with the person by either dropping a comment or asking him a question about the legitimacy of an article or post. If you are not offered any satisfactory response and you feel that the issue is not going to be resolved any time soon, you can surely visit the DMCA complaint form.

Once you have the link of the copied content you can straight away head to DMCA website and file a case by filling up the appropriate forms, the forms for a different type of copied content reporting are given below in the respective links: 

 Blogger or BlogSpot (Google Hosted) Blogs. Click here.   

WordPress hosted blogs ( Click here.   

LinkedIn.  Other Self-Hosted blogs. Click here    

Copyright Removal Form through DMCA Complaint  

  Filling out all the necessary contact related details, you have to provide valid information about your copyrighted content. Next, you have to sign and accept the details entered by you are valid and legal. You have to provide a confirmation that the above facts are accurate and you are the official owner of your work.  Add the date and sign the declaration. The signature can be a physical or electronic mark of the copyright holder or the person taking action on his behalf. Fill out all the mandatory sections in the form. Even if the details may seem a little factual, you should fill all of them including the email id, address, postal code and other related sections.  Be as descriptive as you can be. 

This not only helps you in proving your point but also lets you expose the defaulter.  The complaint is filed and will be processed within the earliest possible time. Some may be tracked down in the span of a minimum of 3-4 days and some may take a little while. But all the applications are responded well within time limits.

The DMCA complaint includes all type of digital data: audio, video, text, music, images or pictures. Ones lying on the internet are easily tracked down and removed by Google. All over the world can you make use of this facility. The takedown notice is issued to the site hosting the content or to the violator’s internet service provider (ISP).

If you find Adsense ads in the duplicate content blog, you can also snatch that from them, by following the link given below, reporting via this link will cost their Adsense account as it’s a violation to their copyright terms. See here.

One thing to be kept in mind while filing this complaint is you have to be descriptive about your point. Add the URL of your copied article. The URL should not be the primary URL of the website hosting it. Rather it should be the exact address. Also, you can add the screenshots if necessary.

If you submit enough proofs, you will be serviced in no while. And you can easily track down the violators.

Abhishek Jain

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