How to Start a Blog on Blogger for free? [Video Inside]

Starting a blog is never easy, I cannot create a blog, I love writing but don’t know how can I share my views with people and do not know how and where to start a blog. These were my words 3 years back. I was unaware and moreover afraid of starting a blog. I have heard my friends talking about their blogs, sharing it on Facebook and earning money.  I had misconceptions in my mind that if a thing is making money for you then creating it must need an initial investment.

What do you think?

Most of you must be thinking same like me. But my friend let me tell you one secret. Creating a blog is absolutely free. You can create a blog with absolutely no money at all. The only thing you need to have a passion for writing and some time apart from your daily activities. One more thing you need is a Google account which is absolutely free.

Watch this simple Video

Do you want to blog? Are you serious?

If you are serious enough to write passionately then you are at the right corner. You can start the blog as a part time blogger without disturbing your daily schedule but as soon as you start making decent money from it, you can turn to a full time blogger. I will explain you the method to make money from a blog later on. Stay tuned with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin for our other interesting posts. I am going to explain to you how to start a blog on blogger for free. Creating a blog is as simple as creating a Facebook account.

Let us talk serious about blogging and move towards the first step.

Do you have a Google Account (Gmail)?

If you do not have a Google account or a Gmail account then you can create your Google account by simply signing up with the basic information on or directly visiting the famous mail service that is All other channels of Google like Gmail, Youtube, Adwords, Google Plus and of course Blogger can be operated by this single account.


Visit and Sign in using the same Google Account. You will be asked to post with your Google+ profile or to switch to Blogger profile. I would suggest you go with the second option that is to switch to a limited Blogger profile. Click continue to Blogger and you will be taken to next page where you will reach the blogger home page. From here you will be creating your first blog.

You have reached the Blogger’s home page where you can see the “New Blog” button. Now you are just a few steps behind of entering into the blogging world. Click on the New Blog button and you will see a Create a blog popup.

Which address do you want for your blog?

You will be asked to choose a title that you want. Think of the best title that defines your blogging style. The title can be the name of the topic or related to the niche on which you want to blog. Then you need to choose the blog address. This is an important one. Create the best possible blog address as this is what you are gonna use everywhere.

Choose such an address which is easy to remember and related to your title of the blog. You can also choose a blog address relating to your keyword. For choosing your keyword you need to understand long-tail keyword research. Click on “Create Blog!” button.

Congratulations! You are done and live with your first blog on blogger just for free.

How can I publish my first post on Blogger?

When you are done with creating your first blog on blogger. You will be redirected to your freshly created blog’s dashboard from where you can customize your blog on blogger. From the top left of the dashboard list, there is a button of “New Post”. Click on this button to get yourself the access to write the first post on blogger.

Now you are on the post page. Suppose you need to write about “Best SEO tricks”. Give a Title to your post say “Best SEO Hacks 2015” and start writing about it in the body. Write as much as you can. Write genuine and awesome content based on your experience and observations. Content is king and never compromise the quality of your blog by writing substandard content.

You can check the genuinity of your content by through plagiarism or duplicate content checker tools present on the web. Provide facts and figures that will make your blog more authenticated and sharable. Do not forget to add hyperlinks to the facts and figures source that you have used in your blog post. Add high quality images into your blog make your blog look exceptionally beautiful. Use alt tags for images so that they become readable by the search engines.

Do not forget to add Label

Label is like a keyword category in which you want to place your blog that is “SEO tips and tricks” here. It becomes easy for you to look for your posts when you have a lot of blog posts on your blog. Apart from this, you are getting some other amazing options too. You can schedule your post for future. This gives you the benefit of scheduling the post for any future event. You can also customize the permalink and add location to your blog. This is how you can create your first post on blogger.

Isn’t it easy to have your own blog after paying a huge price that is nothing? Learn, think, write, edit and post.

Let us revise the whole story in a minute 🙂

Get a Google or Gmail account Sign in to Blogger Confirm your account as limited blogger account Click on “New Blog” Choose a Title and Blog Address and Click on Create Blog Your blog is created and you are now on the Blogger Dashboard Create your first post by clicking on “New Post” Choose the Title of Blog and write content in body Never forget to add labels Click Publish and your first post is live on your blog.

This is all from my side to start a blog on blogger for free and to create your first post on Blogger platform.  Stay tuned to us and share your comments below. You must promote your blog to various social media. Here is my Pinterest Marketing Strategy that helped me to get 1400+ visits on my blog.

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