Iftekhar Ahmed from IftiSEO Interview [Last month Income Revealed]

Well, Iftekhar needs no introduction, he is the founder of one of the top SEO/Blogging Website IFTI SEO. He runs one of the most valuable SEO group on Facebook where you get solution to your problems about SEO/Blogging within seconds.

Today I got a chance to bring Iftekhar on to Rusty Blogger and here he will share his secrets with us. I have added a small interview with Ifti& Karan Vyas where they have accidentally revealed their last month income :p

 Here it goes:

Q1: Iftekhar needs no introduction in Indian Blogging & SEO Industry but I need you to tell some hidden truth about your personality that you generally do not disclose.

If you ask about me, there’s a lot that I haven’t shared with my audience as I like to keep many things personal. So basically I am a very shy guy brought up in Saudi Arabia. I lived in the city of Jeddah during my entire childhood and shifted to India in 2011. In Saudi Arabia, it was all different, the living culture, the environment and everything around. So it really was hard for me to adjust in India. However, my love for computers was right from the time when I was around 10-12 years old.

I used to surf a lot!! Not just the basic things, but I loved to dig deeper into things and that helped me learn a lot about the Internet.

So that I guess is something I didn’t share before. 😉

 Q2: You are a college going guy. When did you start blogging and how many blogs you own?

Yes, I am into my final year of computer science engineering. I started all this in the last quarter of 2013 when I was in the first year. It was not a one day game, I collected good information about blogging, Adsense, SEO with time and in Nov 2013 I started my first quality (yeah 😛 ) blog under a free Blogspot domain. This blog which today is known as iftiSEO was then registered on a custom domain in January 2014.

So it’s not a long time since I started blogging. But yes, I love to try new niches (especially sports) and currently I am owning over 20 or maybe 30 blogs. Not every blog is active.

 Q3: We know you through IFTISEO but at the same time we know this is not your primary blog. Please tell us one of your hidden blog.

Haha, I would still call iftiSEO as my primary blog. This blog gave me a voice, a medium and a support through which I got a lot of audience and readers. Other than this, I don’t have any such blog that I can call as primary.

 Q4: 5 things that an amateur blogger must keep in his mind while starting a blog?

Let me keep it straight to the point !!

A lot of Patience Quality Focus and Dedication Respect for other bloggers Branding and Marketing I guess I don’t have to define the above points. :p

 Q5: Where do you focus much? On Page SEO or Off Page SEO?

For me, it depends on what keyword I am working for. However, On-Page SEO is something that I always focus on irrespective of the keyword, niche etc.

 Q6: Meta Tags are very important? We all know this but can we rank our keywords without them? If yes then how?

Meta tags are something like a book index !! It tells the search engines about your site. And having them in a proper way helps Google understand your site and ultimately it helps you getting ranked on google for your described keywords. It’s a part of On-Site SEO and ignoring it will be a crime for a webmaster.

Ranking without meta tags! Why should anyone try that, it ain’t hard to complex to set meta tags. Yoast SEO does the work for WordPress blogs.

One thing I would like to mention here is that not all meta tags are understood by Google. There’s a list of tags that google understands and they are the most essential tags that you should include on your site head.

Here’s the link for reference: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/79812?hl=en

Q7: Is SEO Dead? If not why experts say so?

No, it’s not dead. I don’t see any expert calling SEO dead. It’s just a made up keyword ( Is SEO DEAD ? ) 😛

This question should not even come to any bloggers mind !! Don’t optimize the site, don’t use tags, don’t do ON page and you will not find your site anywhere on Google. That should answer it for you.

 Q8: What Off Page SEO activities do you focus upon primarily?

Please real one, my audience wants to know.

Let me first list what I don’t do.

I don’t use PBNs

I don’t use WEB 2.0 But after this WEB 2.0 guide, I may start using it.

I don’t buy costly links.

And now to what I do, I simply go for simple methods. If I am working on something big, then guest posts are always a part of my strategy. Otherwise, I am a good follower of blog commenting and that’s how I make links.

Q9: How was your experience of BlogX 2016? Which section you love the most?

BlogX was a complete experience for me. Meeting so many bloggers from around the nation was really good for me as well as the whole of Indian Blogosphere.

I hope such events start happening on a regular basis so that we all can together help each other grow.

The event was great and it’s hard for me to pick the best section, however, I loved the part when the young bloggers from India shared their journey. Listening to them and their stories made me realize how big of a business blogging is. A salute to them.

 Q10: What kind of content should we produce so as to popularize it and rank it in search engines?

Produce something unique !! or else go for writing complete in-depth guides. People love to read them the most. So far I wrote 2 guides which I named myself and that has brought me a whole new level of readers. One is the sweet steal technique and other is the ultimate client funnel method. Hope you link it 😛

Q11: Your harsh words for “Rusty Blogger”?

I have been following your blog since we last met and I must say this blog is growing at a great pace. Just keep growing, provide new unique articles regularly and you will soon be touching new heights. Good luck.

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