What is the Importance of Images & Pictures in a Blog or Website?

Importance of Pictures One of the most important things to be kept in mind while blogging is the traffic: how to achieve the maximum number of followers.

There are many ways to attain this: usage of hashtags, keywords, polls and offering discount coupons. But the most appealing thing for the customers is the way of depiction. The central idea of your post lies in the image attached with it.

As I sneak into a newspaper daily, I am generally taken away by those articles which have attractive images attached to it. The images linked with the article are not only eye-catching but also give a brief description about the same. Editors are familiar with the mindsets of the audience. All they do is carry a Smartphone with them, click suitable pictures, apply a retrica filter and print the news with the same.

Not surprisingly, the striking the picture is, the more the people tend to read it. Before reading further you must bookmark the succeeding link that carries a huge image sharing sites list 2016 that will help you to submit images later on.

Likewise, for any post on social platforms, an image has become a necessity for the surge in the number of followers.

Here are some of the factors which truly imply the Need and Importance of images & pictures for our blogs:  

1. Gain in the number of viewers:

 According to a recent survey, articles with images are likely to have 94% more views. One usually tends to go through the article if some good-looking image is attached to it. While strolling through your blog, one will generally find content from top to down. Only some appealing picture or a headline would likely want the readers to click on your post, thus inviting traffic to your blogs.

2. Visually attractive:

 Images offer a visual venue to your posts, which showcases your idea more than the text itself. It makes more probable for the readers to open a particular link and go through the same if dazzling imageries are attached to it.

One has rightly said “Its aaaaaaall in the mind”. 

 And images are one such strong reason why something leaves a longer impact on your mind and make you think about it for a longer time.

3. A boost to the content’s pageviews:

 Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the common names on everyone’s lips. Because of their widespread visual medium, everyone is attracted to it. Images lay more emphasis than the actual content on the topic. So often that they feel like expressing more because of the extra visual-aids leading to more number of comments on a particular post.

4. Affects e-commerce market:

The online shopping is solely based on the usage of images. Proper depiction of items helps consumers in their selection and purchase. The description, rating or reviews of the product are usually the later factors in the consideration. If you own an online store, you definitely need to include high-quality images of your products to draw higher sales and trade.

It is well known that the high-quality portrayal of the products draws customers that have given a setback to the local markets. This very case shows us how important the images are for any website or Blog?

5. Direct benefit to social media :

We have seen the importance and effect of images in our social media accounts as well. Social sites are directly benefited by the practice of adding images along with the content.  Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat are some social platforms which are driven only by images. The more the images, the more views you are bound to get.   

Reports have stated that Facebook posts with images have gained 41 percent more consumer engagement than other posts with only links or text.

6. Enhances local search:

 Including images legs up all types of business. Studies have proven that customers are more likely to consider those options which have an elegant image shown in the results of local search. Thus all the businesses are benefited indirectly driven by images linked to it.

7. Social media shares:

As we discussed above social media is truly dependent on images, an important element that drives more traffic to it. Viewers are always bound to visual treatment. The appealing the image is, the more likely are the chances that people will share your content on other social sites, thus not only publicizing the post but also increasing your market value.

8. Add-on to the post:

 A perfect image is just like a cherry on the cake. No matter how tasty is the content, the customer is tended to be overwhelmed by the toppings. Also, it gives an impression of a lengthy post; not in terms of word count, but in giving a detailed look to the article.

The image appended to the article is a crimson in the sky; often stealing the show. This limelight has happened to make wonders in social media. Some of the notable cases are where you will get to know the importance of images in the internet world.

Mark Zuckerburg was willing to pay billions for a photo-friendly app, which came to be known as Instagram. Realizing the importance of photo sharing from his Facebook and laying stress on the mutual collaboration with Instagram, he once commented “Providing the best photo-sharing experience is one of the main reasons why people love Facebook and we know it would definitely be a distinction in terms of social stability to bring the two companies in a single alignment.”

 Facebook released its timeline feature because of the fact that outsized images lead to gain in user-attention. Pinterest has emerged as the third most popular social media site. It truly exemplifies the importance of images in our social networking sites. Get this Pinterest Marketing Strategy to boost your referral traffic from Pinterest. So I hope you are using images on your website or blog to get 91% more engagement than usual. The importance and need of images will increase more with time.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.