9 Simple Steps to Increase Domain Authority or DA of your Website

Have you ever wondered why sites having less content or new content rank higher than your content?

You may be ranking for a phrase for even 2-3 years, but suddenly a new famous website starts ranking number one. It because of the site’s authority.

Moz has developed an algorithm known as “Domain Authority” similar to Google’s page rank which was officially shut down in 2013 December. After the closing of Google’s Page Rank, Moz’s Domain Authority became a key factor of ranking blogs.

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Advertisers and other guest authors sort blogs using domain authority and ranking mostly, where Alexa lost its place now domain authority has become the ultimate ranking factor of a blog. Domain authority with some other terms like trust flow and control flow becomes a bonus for your blog and it’s a gem for advertisers.

Domain Authority makes the search bots like Google’s spider to make your blog rank higher, which implies that your blog is more trustable and a high quality one. This will attract all people following that niche, sponsored post requests and a lot more…

From the time domain authority has taken the place of ultimate ranking thing, each and every blogger started to work on increasing their domain authority.

Moz uses 40 different factors to calculate domain authority, and it’s updated once in a month when Moz will crawl over 12 billion web pages and assign the calculated domain authority to them.

Now, What is Domain Authority or DA? 

Domain authority is a metric term which is a score out of hundred[100] given by Moz based on Moz rank, social signals, your backlink profile, internal link building, on page and off page SEO, linking root domains, trust flow or Moz trust, user experience, age of your domain, age of your blog, load time of your website, traffic, web page size, etc.

Domain authority is metric which helps sponsored post reviewers, search engines and a lot more people. Google actually does not take the Moz’s domain authority directly for its spiders to rank a site, but it indirectly has a similar authority factor, which will mostly be identical to the Moz domain authority.

Moz has also built another algorithm known as the page authority which crawls about 90 billion pages every month and assign a score out of hundred to each and every page of your blog and maintaining your home page’s page authority is more important.

Page authority is important for free blogs, like blogger, WordPress, Tumblr blogs, where subdomains are created and the domain authority of the main domain will pass some juice to your blog and if you spam it will also affect the main domain, but somehow there are millions of blogs hosted on that domain, so the outcome is always high.

 How to increase Domain Authority of your Website?

These following 9 Methods will help you to increase the domain authority of your website and get higher ranking in Search Engines 🙂


Backlinks are the backbone of your blog, whether it comes to search engine optimization or domain authority or anything good to your blog, backlinks always help you a lot, I mean a lot more. Create a number of backlinks, and automatically your domain authority will shoot up.

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Add popular links in your content:

Include authority links like links to Wikipedia, Google News, YouTube, etc. And also include your competitors’ links, this makes them comment or contact your blog in any way, which makes you the number one in your niche and will help you in increasing domain authority.

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Domain age & Blog age:

Always choose a domain or a blog which has a good age, the older the blog is, the higher the domain authority will be. Domain age is one of the major factors of Moz’s 40 terms they considered while calculating your domain authority. Create Tier Backlinks, and play safe! Don’t spam your backlink history; if you had a good backlink history, then you will get good domain authority. If you start spamming by creating backlinks, then ultimately your domain authority will come down.

Internal Linking:

Internal linking will help a lot in increasing your domain authority. Create links among your own post will help you pass the link juice equally to all your posts. Which means all the pages will have good page authority, and which will be a very great contribution to your domain authority.

Create new contents regularly:

Make sure that you post new contents daily; it will show search engines that your blog is regular and active, which leads in contribution to domain authority. Moz trust and other Moz metrics are calculated by the number of new pages and content added daily to your blog also.

Off-Page SEO is a key!

Do well off page SEO, it is very important that it is the main key to higher domain authority. All the above mentioned points are indirectly related to off page SEO terms. Off page SEO includes creating backlinks, internal linking, getting more comments in your blog post, gaining subscribers, etc. However, on page SEO plays a major role in calculation of domain authority.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media traffic is usually considered as low quality traffic, but it helps in increasing your domain authority. Social signals are nowadays becoming major factors for ranking factor for Google and domain authority.

Make your site user friendly:

By doing so, you will decrease a metric known as bounce rate. Bounce rate is a term which many bloggers don’t know and it is one of the greatest thing which helps in increasing all your rankings, factors like internal link building will decrease your bounce rate and ultimately improve your ranking. So mobile friendly design is of great help to increase the DA of your website.

Finally to conclude, just do whatever you can do and wait for 2-3 years, by which your domain’s and blog’s age will increase and your domain authority will shoot up like a rocket! There is no rocket science to increase DA of your website but these above stated simple steps that will help you to increase the Domain Authority of your website.

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