$1 Million Target Set for 2016 by Kulwant Nagi of Blogging Cage

 Kulwant Nagi In our interview series you have met earlier with Manpreet Kaur of Finix Post and   Nikhil Saini of MyQuickIdea afterwards with “Iftekhar Ahmed from IftiSEO” Interview wherein video he told us about his Last Month Income.

How it is a high time to welcome an awesome personality on Rusty Blogger whose life has been an inspiration for all the bloggers in Indian Blogosphere. Today we have Kulwant Nagi with us.

Kulwant is the founder of a million dollar blog Blogging Cage. He is known for his simple and high power thoughts. Now get ready to take the dose of his high power thoughts. Here are some of the insights of Kulwant Nagi’s life who is making huge money from the internet.

This Video is included later at DomainX Event 2016 where he told us some productivity mantra to excel in blogging and you must read the text interview to get his secrets.

He is going to share his secret money making ideas in this exclusive interview.

Here goes the first ball:

Question 1:

Abhishek:  Hi Kulwant, throw some light on your college life and life just after your college?

Kulwant:  College life was not that good. First-year I struggled because of my English skills. Second-year I started preparation for GRE and TOEFL exams to get admission in the USA. So most of the time I was just reading books, newspapers, listening audios, writing paragraphs to improve my English skills.

In short – life was pretty hectic during college.

After college, I had the plan to got to the USA for a master’s degree. Things were on track, I got admission from 6 universities in the USA. One college offered me $16,000 scholarship, so I select that college.

Soon I found that my father didn’t have money to afford the college fee.

So I dropped the idea to go to the USA and started my job as a VLSI verification engineer in 2010.

Question 2:

Abhishek:  How did you meet blogging? Who inspired you?

Kulwant:  In 2008, one of my friend one day came to my home and he started showing me his traffic and income screenshots. At that time, I didn’t pay more attention as I was preparing for GRE and TOEFL exams.

But once I quit my job in 2011, I started searching on Google for some ways to make money blogging. Suddenly one day I got the idea to start a blog.

I called my friend, we booked the domains and blogging career was started in 2011.

Question 3:

Abhishek:  Throw some light on your early days of blogging? What were your expectations from blogging?

Kulwant:  From day one, I was confident to make living out of blogging. I knew that this the platform which can change my life. I started blogging with the vision to make it a brand.

I treated it as a business rather than a hobby.

Question 4:

Abhishek:  You always need inspiration for blogging. What was your inspiration then and now?

Kulwant:  My biggest inspiration was Micheal Dunlop and Jonathan Budd.

Question 5:

Abhishek:  Whom do you follow in the blogosphere to get updates? What are the things you look forward in your mentor?

Kulwant:  Neil Patel, Brian Dean and Matthew Woodward as of now.

Question 6:

Abhishek:  What are your best and worst moments in blogging?

Kulwant:  Best moment is – why I paid my 261,500 INR education loan with cheque.

The worst day was when Blogging Cage was hacked one day.

Question 7:

Abhishek:  Many SEO evangelists say SEO is dead? What are your views?

Kulwant:  SEO will never ever be dead. In 2011, people started saying – SEO is dead. But people were still making money. After the launch of panda, Penguin updates, many people said that SEO is dead, but people were still making money.

If there is Google, there will always be SEO and there will be always some experts to rank sites at high positions in Google

Question 8:

Abhishek:  Are backlinks still important in SEO or only quality content will play the game for you?

Kulwant:  Backlinks are the keyword factor to rank any keyword on Google. I have some sites ranking in Google with no content at all, but I have strong backlinks for those sites.

Here I am not saying to “not focus” on the content. All I am saying is, backlinks can really give you a boost in ranking.

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Question 9:

Abhishek:  What are your goals for 2016?

Kulwant:   $1 million 🙂

Question 10:

Abhishek:  Please tell us five tips so that we can grow our blog like yours?

Kulwant: Focus on one topic Read best blogs in your industry to understand how they do blogging Invest money to buy a premium theme, plugins and tools. Be active in different groups and communities on social media sites. Write what you know.  

Question 11:

Abhishek:  What is the importance of networking in Blogging and Internet Marketing?

Kulwant:  Networking is your biggest weapon to learn secret tips without paying any dime. By networking with the right people in your industry you can leverage their skills, their network and their expertise.

So this is one of the must-do activity to succeed anywhere in life.

Question 12:

Abhishek:  You are starting your travel blog soon. Can you provide some highlights of that with my readers?

Kulwant:  Yeah, I recently started my travel blog. These days I am attending many conferences worldwide. Such conferences are just 2-3 days long, so I plan my trip for 8-10 days. After attending the events, I explore the new places in that country.

So I got the idea to start a blog around this topic which can help people who are about to visit those countries.

Question 13:

Abhishek:  Your opinion about RustyBlogger.com and my way of blogging?

Kulwant:  Your style of blogging is awesome. Having experts on the blog is one of the best ways to boost the visibility of your blog.

So bravo for having the confidence to do this activity on your blog.

Thanks a lot, Kulwant for giving me some time for your interview. 

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Summary Article Name $1 Million Target Set for 2016 by Kulwant Nagi of Blogging Cage Description Kulwant is one of the top internet affiliate marketer of India and its awesome to see him here on my blog. Learn blogging tips from Kulwant Nagi exclusively on Rusty Blogger.

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