30+ Digital Marketers Shared Their Link Building Techniques

SEO has changed drastically in the last 3 to 4 years. Some of the so-called SEO experts claim that SEO is dead. Is it so?

People says the old traditional methods of SEO are gone and Link Building is dead too.

There is still confusion in our minds when it comes to ranking a keyword in search engines. Whether you should build links or not for your website.

To end up this confusion I have conducted this amazing survey with 30+ amazing Bloggers/SEOs and Internet Marketers from different corners of the world.

Here are the roundup questions that I have put before them regarding this confusion. The questions are:

“Do you really believe Backlinks are still important? Why?”

“If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?”

Let’s see how the experts take on these questions.

Here these 30+ superb SEO experts has shared their views about backlinks and their exclusive link building techniques and strategies.

Yes, though the scenario of SEO is changing drastically, I still believe that backlinks can play a vital role in increasing our traffic. Yes, it can do tremendous activities and thus it is still important.

From the beginning of my blogging journey, I was using the techniques of posting comments on the posts of fellow bloggers. This technique fetched me a lot of publicity and on a later stage traffic to my page. This also made me develop a good relationship (engagement) with a lot of bloggers from around the world. In fact, I started my blogging journey as a blog comment author, to tell you the truth, I was a blogger without a blog in the initial stage. You can read a related story in one of my posts HERE.

These days it reached to a different stage to say, creating Roundup posts for link building.

My recent Roundup post is getting more and more responses and the news about it reached to the print media too. You can read about a note in this regard in my latest blog post at Philipscom.
~PV ariel

“Yes, Backlinks are still important.

Although, when penguin was updated for the last time a news was spread that do not make links and many of the companies who were going to pay for links simply stopped it. But after sometimes sites like search engine land got updates from google that link building is still valid and but must be done carefully. Directory submission was like completely gone and even these days there may be very fewer marketers who do directory submissions with a high domain and page authority. Even I do link building carefully by keeping in mind about the Google’s Algorithms like Penguin and panda.

And link Building techniques that have worked for me from last few months are:

  1. Sharing Infographics
  2. Social Bookmarking
  3. Guest Blogging
  4. SMO (social Media Optimization)
  5. Blog Commenting (suing Commentluv Blogs)
  6. Slide Sharing.
  7. Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique
  8. Taking parts in the Community site Like Inbound.org”.

~Robin Khokhar

Backlinks are still a backbone to rank any website. Back in 2011, strategies link directory submission, web 2.0 links, article submission used to work, but now things are completely changed.

These days authentic link building is working superb for the long term websites. I personally use guest blogging as my prime focus to build quality backlinks for my niche sites.

Getting featured into roundups is an another awesome way to build quality links for your blog. Recently we started a new blog which is a how to focused blog to solve normal tech queries. We are using guest blogging as our prime focus to build relevant backlinks for the main URL and internal links.

~Kulwant Nagi

Backlinks are an important ranking factor and I think we are nowhere close to a change. We’ve known of over 200 ranking factors from Google and while the content itself is the primary ranking factor, backlinks play a huge part in its position on SERPs.

Most of us do SEO with errors. We focus on dofollow backlinks thinking the nofollow incoming links have no effect. These are however needed to balance up your link profile.

Now, there are cases where backlinks are absolutely not required to rank. I have had to rank content on Google position #1 with absolutely no backlink. The key to this is competition, timing and longtail keywords. I have written details about this on this post

How to get backlinks has always remained a tough issue. However, there are many was out there, including blackhat methods. You really should keep away from this if you want long term relationship with search engines.

But here are 3 most recommended ways to ethically build or attract backlinks

1 – Publish linkable content: That’s by far the best way to attract editorial backlinks. Once readers love your content, they would always link to it, making it an extension to theirs

2 – Guest posting: This of course has been around the industry for long and it’s producing commendable results.

3 – Blog commenting: That’s the easiest way to get backlinks. Though it’s commonly argued that comment backlinks as not as heavy as contextual links, these are going a long way to boost your rankings.

~Enstine Muki

“Yes, according to Backlinko’s 2016 analysis of 1 million Google search results, backlinks sill largely correlates with ranking versus any other factors.

That said, the quality of the backlinks you receive is just as important as the quantity. This means getting one dofollow link from a highly authoritative site like Inc., is better than 80 links from 80 brand-new sites.

So what kind of link building techniques do I use?

First of all, I don’t recommend buying backlinks, focus instead of white hat techniques such as the Skyscraper.

I’ve had the fortune of being featured on several huge sites such as ProBlogger, The Huffington Post and The Daily Egg. My technique is simple: create epic content that resonates with people and promote it like crazy.

Also don’t be afraid to connect and pitch your ideas to influencers in your industry, you will be surprised by how far you can go!”

Oh and I strongly recommend an expert to join your roundup, Tor Refsland from TimeManagementChef.com, he was featured on over 158 Blogs (including highly authoritative ones) in 14 months of blogging. Tell him you come from my part.

~Anh Nguyen

Yes, backlinks are still Important. But sometimes necessity of Backlinks varies according to the level of competition. If you are working on the niche having very less competition then you can rank without backlinks but at the same time if you are under a niche having huge competition then Backlinks play very important role in ranking.

To be honest, I do not focus a lot on link building for my site. I always try to write informative post and these posts generate natural links for me, specially contextual backlinks which matter a lot for ranking purposes.

I have a suggestion for the readers of this post, stop wasting your time on false and spam techniques to build backlinks as now google is more active and penalizing the sites who have lots of spam backlinks. So, Just write quality contents and if your content is really helpful to others then you will get backlinks to your posts automatically.

~Suresh Kumar Tips2Secure

“Do you really believe Backlinks are still important? Why?”

Yes, Backlinks are more important for the blogs to increase its trust.

“If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?”

Link Building is an art and there are various methods to achieve this. But all needs a patience. Below are the methods I follow to build a backlink.

  1. Guest Post – I usually write posts on top blogs, One backlink from a top blog is equal to 10 backlink from the newer sites.
  2. Create Viral Content, which makes the visitors to share it on their social mediums.
  3. Do comment on top blog posts.

~Ashok Udhayan


“Backlinks are the foundation of Google’s algorithm; any SEO worth their salt will tell you that they’re one of the most important ranking factors. Besides that, links are a natural endorsement of your website; they drive traffic and ultimately lead to conversions. Even if Google was gone tomorrow, links would still play an important role.

For link building on our own site, we focus on creating useful and quality content, with special emphasis on infographics that are valuable and easy to share.

~Vladimir Gendelman from Company Folders

“Do you really believe Backlinks are still important? Why?”

– There are many people around the web keeps on talking that link building is dead, etc. etc. But, as per my experience, backlinks are still the major factor for ranking a web page. Therefore, yes, I believe in Backlinks, and I always keep trying to get some natural backlinks from various websites and blogs.

While building backlinks there should be a few things that we need to take care of and that are:

  1. Don’t build backlinks with same anchor text again and again.
  2. Try to get backlinks from various types of sites and not just one type because diversified backlink profile looks more natural.
  3. Try to get backlinks from genuine sites. Don’t get links from the sites that are already spammed.
  4. Try not to get backlinks from the sites hosted on same C-class IPs as Google may doubt that you run a PBN to get backlinks. In such case, you can get into problems. So, better stay careful.

You just need to be sure that the links you build are natural and relevant.

Don’t stop believing in Backlinks. They are still very important.

“If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?”

– As I said above, I try to make sure my links are natural. For my main blog www.techtricksworld.com I don’t build so many backlinks because I get natural links from interview posts, roundup posts, and list posts. However, I do build links using blogger outreach sometimes. Sometimes, I try finding out some .gov website to get backlinks. Luckily, I found out a handful of such sites to get backlinks from. For more you can have a look at my article in which I have mentioned a few link building strategies that I have worked on and got results.

~Atish Ranjan

“Do you really believe Backlinks are still important? Why?”

Backlinks..Yes Ofcouse! Google Search engine is a robot but it is dyeing behaving like a human. I believe backlinks is one of the major ranking factor google consider for its search results. As it behaves like humans; we humans learn what people talk and google ranks what links talk.

For an example: If across the internet people upload the an image of a pen and name it a orange, in few days when you go back and google for “orange” it will get you pens image. This shows google don’t have brain but mind it it is very intelligent.

Tip: In addition to Backlinks the social signals are also plays a very important role for rankings.

“If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?”

There are many backlinks methods out there and i am very choosy in it. I too use vanilla backlink methods like: Guest Posting, Guest Commenting, Forum Posting, Social Bookmarking etc. but not to large extent.

My favourite backlink method is “Broken Backlink Method” This really played wonders for me. In the age backlink spider, finding the broken links on your competitor or similar niche website is not a big deal. I find the broken links from AHREF tool and send the mail to the website owner asking him to link back to my content which is even more valuable for his readers.

Tip: Generating an artificial backlinks will never be helpful and penalise your site, so publish valuable content for audience so that they are tempt to link back it.

~Danish Wadhwa get Set Live

Q : Do you really believe backlinks are still important ? why ?
A : I strongly believe that backlinks are big factor in ranking. In simple words, The more number of domain linking to website, more high chances of that website to rank above in google. But here Quality of domain which are linking to website matters.

I have been running some websites and having 4+ years experience, i noticed backlinks are core part of SEO strategy. Referring domains should be relevant to your website in order to boost ranking. Spammed and not relevant domains wouldn’t help much, or may be lead to website penalized.

The more higher number of quality links pointing to your website, more top position rank you get in google and other search engines.

Q : What kind of Link Building Methods i use ?
A : There are so many ways you can do backlinks stuffs.I personally use mixed links directly pointing to my main site. Sometimes i use tier link building because it always works, but it takes time to show effects while quality mixed links give me result quickly.
By Mixed link i meant to say having links from all kind of networks such as forum profile links, forum signature links, wordpress nofollow comments, directory submitted links, web 2.0 links, Wiki links, social bookmarking, dofollow blog comments, guest posting and etc. And of course with all these social signals. This method gives quick results.But this needs to be done after making proper plan. SEO is all about planning and execute plan, you can’t just make random links of any amount and wait for site to rank. You need to determine nofollow dofollow ratio, competition, anchor texts variation and other things as well.These are just about off page. Remember On-Page SEO works really great. Content is king and its still very much true. My one website having millions of searches ranked with great on page seo(no backlinks was done). Add robots.txt file, submit sitemap, use clean theme, proper site navigation(google loves this really), unique content, internal links, authority mixed links.
Karan Vyas

  1. Do you really believe Backlinks are still important? Why?

Yes, backlinks are still important in today’s date. Google and other search engines have always relied upon the citations and links your blog gets to rank its content and find the most authoritative one. Recently, Brian Dean also analyzed 1 million articles and found out that backlinks are still the most sought ranking factor.

The reason is simple, a content that gets the most links is usually the one that has the best content and the deepest tutorials and hence the rankings. I am not taking black hat techniques into consideration here.

  1. If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?

I always rely on natural links to be the best for better search rankings. However you can always earn backlinks through quality content and proper promotion. I have listed 20 highly recommended ways to build natural backlinks.

Ankit Singla, BloggerTipsTricks

“In any field basics never change. Yes the criteria of their evaluation could go strict and for backlink also now rule of quality has replaced the quantity. It means backlinks are still important but of quality links.

Earlier it was so easy to get a backlink by submitting your blog post url to so many directories and putting it into your comments at dofollow places. But now to get the quality backlinks one has to create quality to attract those who also believe in quality and they easily give a backlink to your quality stuff.

I focus on creating quality contents and then try to share them with those who equally believe in quality and rest is done by them and most of them give a backlink to me.”

Mi Muba

“Do you really believe Backlinks are still important? Why?”

Yes, i do Believe in Backlinks. It plays a vital role in Events Blogging, Any Niche Blogging to rank High in Google Search. But I am spending More Time on Quality Content rather than spending more time in creating Backlinks. Good Quality, useful and Interesting Content attracts many Visitors and Entice Webmasters / Bloggers to Link to your website.

“If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?”

Developing Controversial content gets you many backlinks to your website. Then why to make backlinks ? Just Focus on Content and automatically you will get Backlinks to your website.

Akshay Naik http://www.etechexplorer.com/

1) “Do you really believe Backlinks are still important?

Ans:- Yes I always believe in Backlinks & its true that Backlinks which is also known as incoming links are still very important in terms of Search Engine Optimization because more the backlinks more the chance your site to come on top of search engines results.


2) “If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?”

Ans:- As I mentioned above that backlinks are very important to get high rank in search results, so I always follow some link building technics to achieve SEO goal.

  1. A) Most favorite link building technic every blogger used is blog commenting. I also follow this method to increase backlinks for my blog but we all know that only do follow backlinks are passes the link juice which increases the chance to rank high in search engine results.

So, I always search blogs which are giving do follow backlinks for commenting & always try to be genuine and write good valuable comments which will yield more SEO benefits.

  1. B) I prefer to create high quality backlinks through High PR profile creation sites & through high PR social bookmarking sites, PDF submission & photo sharing sites.
  2. C) Guest Posting is also a good source of getting Do follow backlinks. I am starting guest posting to get min 2 do follow backlinks for my blog & I also give chance to other bloggers to submit guest post in my blog & will get do follow backlinks for their blogs.
  3. D) Recently started process of getting backlinks from Wikipedia through broken link building.
  4. E) Giving testimonials to others & unlinked mentions is another good way to get backlinks which I recently started.

Here is my best ans of your question for your upcoming round up post & wish you best of luck for your blogging career.If you want to add or delete something from my ans please let me know & request you to inform me after publishing your round up post. I am eagerly waiting to read your latest & very first round up post in RustyBlogger.

~Pritam Datta,  crorpati.com/blog

“Do you really believe Backlinks are still important? Why?”

Of course bro. Backlinks are still relevant to rank in the Google. Many bloggers are involved in the spamming like activity. Many algorithm updates have been introduced to the Google ranking system, but still we can’t deny from the importance of backlinks in ranking.

Actually backlinks are relevancy signals. The higher number of relevant backlinks pointing to your site or blog gives more power to rank in the top ten positions in the SERP.

If you aren’t any authority in your niche then you aren’t supposed to rank in the search engines without having backlinks. They help in creating authority in the niche. If a higher number of links are pointing to your site, this directly speaks out the relevancy of your site. It shows that your site is an authority site.

Backlinks will always be important for ranking until Google gets the human understanding level.

Until then it doesn’t have any surefire way to analyze the power of a site. Google has become smarter than earlier, still backlinks are the most influential factor in its ranking mechanism.


“If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?”

I just follow a mix backlink strategy. First of all, you need to analyze the competition, and then we create strategy for link building. You would also have to check the link profile of your competitor.

If most of the links are the contextual links then you have to acquire same sort of links for ranking.

I do prefer using several link building techniques, but mostly I go with guest posting, forum links, comment links, directory links, web 2.0 and other relevant link opportunities.

Well, this is not exact for each keyword. As I said earlier, we need to builds links as per the link profile of the competitor.

Nikhil Saini from MyQuickIdea

There are many speculations going on about the relevance and importance of backlinks in recent time. However, it still remains the most important building blocks of search engine optimization. In simple words, backlinks are the link backs or incoming links from any other blog/ site. If these link backs are from relevant high authority sites, then surely your page gets a huge thumbs up from the search engine.

Ranking good in the SERPs has many factors to be considered. And having quality backlinks from good websites is surely one of them. That said, if your website is getting thousands of links from some irrelevant or spam sites, it is not going to help you. Rather, existing positions of your pages might be negatively affected.

Yes, Backlinks are still important as long as your links are from relevant authority sites. Here quality overpowers quantity. Also, try to earn backlinks rather than buying or building them. So, concentrating on getting quality backlinks can boost your SEO while getting good rankings in the SERPs.

My backlink strategy is quite simple. I concentrate building links mostly through blog commenting. Commenting sensibly to other’s blogs also helps to get some targeted traffic while building a relationship with other bloggers in my niche. Dofollow blog commenting sites are great places to get some link juice. However, keeping a balance of dofollow and nofollow is important too. Guest posting is also an effective way to get natural backlinks and at the same time gives exposure to a vast audience base.

Manidipa Bhaumik wpblogging360.com

“Do you really believe Backlinks are still important? Why?”

Yes, I still believe backlinks are very important for your blog’s overall growth and authority. But the point of backlinks is, we shouldn’t be the one building it, but rather we should be getting it naturally. This kind of backlinks will help us in the long run. Google doesn’t want us to build backlinks to rank higher in search results, they need good relevant content + authority websites backing us. So the point is, your blog needs backlinks, but make sure you make it great so that all the authority websites in your niche automatically link you back.


“If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?”

I don’t really spend much time for building backlinks, you can follow the old ways like commenting on blogs, using forums to build backlinks, use social bookmarking websites, write guest articles, create infographics and spread the word, and much more.

But apart from this, I would suggest you to interact/network with other fellow bloggers in your circle, it’s just a mutual understanding and help-each-other system. Scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.

~Pardeep Kumar

“Do you really believe Backlinks are still important? Why?”

Well, If people start talk about yourself with your brand name on their website than definitely you will get great benefits to improve SERP of your website. Yes, I really believe that backlinks are the important part of any website and blog.

Backlinks works as backbone of your website, and you know the importance of backbone as well. It doesn’t matter how many backlinks you will you create in a day, than what matters? Quality, Niche, And Brand Promotions.

Quality – Always choose high quality sites to create backlinks for your site. You must follow google’s algorithm when you create backlinks because Quality always matter instead of quantity.

Niche – Niche is very important part of this processor when you build backlinks. Same niche and high authority sites are really gives you long time benefits.

Brand Promotions – Instead of keywords you must focus on brand name, because if you get popularity on your brand name then you will start get ranked on your keywords if you you follow the right SEO on page techniques.

“If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?”

There are few steps that I follow to build backlinks or get ranked on my chosen keywords. First i choose keywords which must have low and medium competition and high searches. It’s a first and extremely important step and believe me really time taken process as well. I believe that if you choose right keywords then sometimes there is no need to create backlinks for your particular post. See the example my recent written post is ranked on first page.

“ABBYY TextGrabber Translator App Review” and “abbyy textgrabber review”

But sometimes its really hard to get ranked on first page. so I need to make a plan and create qualitative backlinks for them. See what I follow to create backlinks.

  1. SEO On page – must focus on it, it should have targeted keywords in title, meta. content, H1 and alt image tag.
  2. Competitive analysis on particular keyword, Like how many backlinks they create, from which niche they create.
  3. Guest post – Before approaching people to accept your guest post make strong social network so more people get aware about you.
  4. Discussion – Ge involved in discussion sites, question and answer sites. There are many blogging community sites and forum section to get involved an ask question from other bloggers.Quora.com ,Inbound.org, Indiblogger.com Blogengage.com are my favorite sites, and really help me out to create backlinks.
  5. Social media- Social media is the best way to build strong blogging network and let’s start discuss about new things. Sometime people share very interesting things on their wall and tag other so people can learn new things and get more social shares.

Also you can click here to get more info about backlinks.

Savita Singh (Blogger)


Backlinks are still Important

Earlier backlinks meant a lot for search engines but keeping an eye on spam Google regularly releases updates to provide high-quality information to its users.

And fortunately, spammy backlinks are crushed into it.

Still backlinks from high authority websites can boost your website authority and traffic to a significant number. Simultaneously it exposes and drives more traffic to your blog.

For example, recently I wrote a review post of ShoutMeHindi.in (one of Harsh Agarwal Blog) and published on my blog Blogging Nuts. Here I gave some backlinks to ShoutMeHindi.in and for your kind information, it’s been a long time and still ShoutMeHindi.in is receiving 3.5% of total traffic from Blogging Nuts. Source: Alexa


Doesn’t this sound good?

Quality backlinks are still a quality ranking factor for search engines If you at look at first 10 search result on Google, you may notice numerous quality website are pointing at them.

Before displaying the search result, search engines check the backlinks of the articles to know how many website many are recommending the articles so that the users get best ones to read.

Remember Google is very sharp on User Experience.

Most of the people think backlinks are gone and don’t count in ranking but the truth is backlinks are still the best and equally important as on page SEO. This is one of the ways to survive with over 2 million posts getting published every day.

Now building backlinks aren’t easy, but getting quality links is worth the effort.

Before building backlinks you need to understand the variety, quality, and quantity of external pointing links that affect search engine ranking of a website.

Generally, you’ll find that the more difficult it is to acquire a backlink, the higher is its value.

Below are some points you need to take care while building backlinks.

1 – Avoid bad source

In a blog/website, each part is not as important as the content region. Google’s algorithm does not count all backlinks equally. Navigation and footer links don’t carry much weight.

2 – Avoid Free Directory submission

You must have submitted your blog to free directory even I submitted but now stopped doing it, for your knowledge Google does not count any value of it. Because the directories actually create useless pages that contain little information about the submitted website. If any user doesn’t like the information on any website it is useless for him and same is the case with Google. It considers the website spam which is useless for readers.

3 – Avoid Spammy Directories

Directories that publish any kind of content (low and high) and in return provide do follow links to webmasters.

4 – Irrelevant Guest Post

Guest post in your niche is considered good else it is just a waste of time. And guest posting should always be done on high authority site rather a non-popular one.

A single guest post on relevant high authority website can outrank 5 guest post on irrelevant websites.

Link exchanging will lead to penalizing.

And if you’re using sponsored links better use a rel=nofollow tag.

My 2 backlinking strategy

Even there many method to build backlink such as skyscrapper technique, Broken link building in most authority site like wikipeida and others but till now I am using only following simple one’s that are mentioned below.

1 – Social Backlinks

Google still consider social signal as an authority one so I practice it. I don’t rely much on building backlinks (due to time problem) I keep sharing the content on social media sites. It works.

2 – Commenting

You can also build backlinks by commenting on another blog relevant to your niche. Most of the time I comment on blog post having the same intention as mine and this works to outrank them.

Pawan Diwakar, Blogging Nuts

  1. I believe in backlinks. And yes, they are important. But it is also true that if you are working in a zero competition niche then you can rank on top with zero backlinks.

Backlinks are an integral part of google’s algorithm. It is going to be and important ranking factor till our search engines become smarter than human brain. In short, backlinks will be a part of search engine algo for at least 8-10 years.

Reference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC5FDzUh0P4


  1. My link building techniques depends on the type of website. For long term sites, I rarely make backlinks. I believe in social bookmarking and social signals for long term sites.

I would like to share a simple secret about link building. It is to find types of sites and make backlinks on similar sites. For example : Forum is a type of site where people generally make backlinks.

Now in this new age internet, you have to become smart enough to find a new bunch of sites. There are hell lot option. Exclusively for your readers one of those bunch is called “T-Shirt selling sites”. They have PR, good links juice and what not. If people are smart then likewise there are a lot of bunch popping up now-a-days. All you have to become smart in making links.


Hey Abhishek, Thanks for the invitation, Yes Backlinks are very important in SEO, Backlinks tells google that this site has many links pointing to it, So google bots will understand and provide good ranking in SERP, However low-quality backlinks affect your SEO for sure.

After the panda update, Unnatural links or spammy links leads to penalization of the site, The penalty may be hiding your site from the search engine for some time, The pain cannot be expressed in words, All your efforts will be thrown off, So build safe and high-quality links, I use Ahrefs to build backlinks. I will give a general guide on strategy I Use.

  • Always find your competitors on your particular niche, Get a list of competitors.
  • Use the position explorer tool in Ahrefs, Paste those competitors link there.
  • Analyse from which site, They are getting Backlinks.
  • Go there and try all the ways of getting Backlinks, From Them.
  • If you have got enough powerful backlinks, You will be surely able to outrank them, For a particular keyword.

~Dinesh Vel

“Do you really believe Backlinks are still important? Why?”
Without thinking any farther it can be said that Backlinks are still plays an vital role from getting traffic to ranking your blog at the heart of Search Engines .
If anyone ask be to make a ratio between building backlink and all other thing(for eg:-content ,design ,etc) the ratio will stand as 9:2.Because I still personally believe backlinks are the Mr.90% for your website or blog.

But did you ever image why backlinks are so much improtant.Not getting backlink for your blog or website can be equal to not getting food to eat.Yea,you heard it right!!! Backlink are the Kohinoor for website owner or blogger.But the reasons why I along with 95% people give priority to Backlink are many.Its plays a vital role in ranking your website or blog.

It is a kind of link which you get from other websites.And it means they are redirecting their user to your site that means you have that zeal.Simply someone will not spoil his/her reputation by just linking his blog to your blog of you don’t have that uniqueness or attractiveness.

Secondly ,when search engines see that many of the websites or blog are pointing towards this site then they also understand that yes this site has something for which they are linking it. In this way beside getting visitors your rank get better and your site’s starts performing high jump in Search Engines result.

So,the final conclusion which we come to know after this is that Backlinks helps your site to grow not only in 1way but hell lot of ways.

“If Yes, What kind of Link Building techniques do you use for your websites or blogs?”
First of all you must know backlink are of two types Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks but most of us make mistake that Dofollow backlink is of no use . But here’s where they get a tight slap from Search Engines because building only Dofollow backlinks don’t look natural as such.It create as negative impression of your site.

So u should always try to keep a balance of 70%:30% between Nofollow backlinks and Dofollow backlinks respectively .Now they question come what are the type of links you should build.

Mainly before doing anything you must remember that you must not buy backlinks.Because you know what happens is when u suddenly get 200-500backlink in a day and suddenly the graph drops to 20-50backlinks a day ,here where you get caught.So don’t be foolish rather act smart!!!

The way the I use to build backlink for my main blog, www.bloggershark.com and the micro niches are as follows;-
• Submitting links to Web directories.
• Social Bookmarking
• Getting links from Web 2.0 sites with High PA&DA
• Selling infographic for the sake of backlink not money
• Searching wether anyone is using my copyrighted pictures or not.And if yes asking them to just give a link back to my sites
• Commenting on blogs(Mostly it gives u Nofollow backlinks,but equally important as stated before)
• Guest Post on blogs with high PA & dA
• .edu and .gov backlink
• Industry Forum
• Keeping an eye at your competitors backlink
• Round -up-Post
• Solving queries.Like answering questions on Quora
This are all the ways I personally use to build backlinks for my main blog and micro niches
So hope my little contribution will help my fellow friend out their how are struggling to get backlinks.

Thanking You,

Achintam karmakar
My blog url- www.bloggershark.com

1. Yes. Backlinks are still important are there is a good chance that they stay important for the near future. I do believe that Rank Brain will eventually make backlinks less important, but they will be relevant.
2. The only back-linking strategy that will be future proof in my opinion would be relationship based link building and brand based link building. Webmasters would always link to blogs that they trust. Good relationships and a good personal brand is the key to that.
Yuvraj Wadhwani

“Backlinks don’t work anymore”- Website Owners from Page 2 of Google.

One of the greatest SEO myths of all time is “Backlinks don’t work”. Well, they might have “reduced” importance now, but they ARE important.

If there’s ANYTHING more important than Quality, Long Content, it’s backlinks!

For my long term blog I normally go with Roundups & Interviews. They’re a great way to collect genuine backlinks on a long term blog. Not to mention the social signals you’re going to get if even one influencer shares your piece.

While for the niche projects I own, it’s more of a Guest posts, web2.0’s and commenting thing.

Evan Derek

I strongly believe that backlinks are the backbone of SEO Campaign of any blog. When I say backlinks, I mean high quality relevant backlinks. An irrelevant backlink from a high quality site does not count towards your domain authority.

Links should be built very carefully and low-quality backlinks should be avoided. I have been struggling a lot for getting high quality backlinks but the struggle is totally worth it. One of the genuine method that guarantees you good quality backlinks is guest posting. Guest blogging is not dead and it is still one of the best strategies to get genuine high quality niche-relevant backlinks. Guest posting also drives targeted traffic to your blog which is an added advantage.

Aqib Nazir

I am an IT Consultant, Freelance Web Developer and a Blogger. I write about blogging, content marketing and search engine optimization on aqibnazir.com.

Being a blogger is very hard these days and getting traffic to our sites is more than hard. But I don’t have much idea about building backlinks.
The only thing I do is commenting in top tech sites with my website link. Do you call this Backlinks? Yes, I think so to some extent. Writing articles or guest post in a top site is the main theme to get better and enhanced backlinks. I believe BackLinks are relevant and it’s not dead.
Santosh Reddy

Link building?

Link building is the most crucial factor of “SEO” and yes link building still matters. Many people still thinks that more backlink you have the more high ranking you got in SERPs.

But now things are changed slightly Google give priority to backlinks but they will be enriched with quality stuff.

So, I prefer quality over quantity.

Generallly I like if Backlink flow naturally but when it comes to building backlinks I always prefer guest post & blogger outreach {proffesional begging}

Rahul Sihmar

Thanks all the participants who took time from their busy schedule and shared their views on their link building techniques.

Looking forward to the next roundup.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.