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After the awesome Interview with Nikhil Saini, Founder of My Quick Idea, Today I am going to introduce a very prolific blogger on Rusty Blogger. She is a perfect example of self-empowered women. She is ever smiling girl and her smile always inspire me to explore more and more about blogging. We have a cute Punjabi Professional Girl with us Manpreet, Founder of Finix Post who is going to share her blogging journey so far.

Here is the wholesome awesome chat with Manpreet Kaur:

Abhishek: So Manpreet, Introduce yourself in a terrific Punjabi way….

Manpreet:  It’s not just Sarson da saag and Makki di roti that’s interesting about Punjab. A Punjabi blogger, watching this world from her perspective with an authentic Punjabi touch, is also something you should know of.

I am a blogger, social media marketer and a booktuber whom you can’t fail to notice. I am a student whose next career choice was completely different from the 9 to 5 job or even a startup. I paved a different way to earn – full of tough decisions, big tensions, painful consequences and brilliant results.

Abhishek: Tell us something about your college life, early start of your blogging career with Finix Post?

Manpreet: College has been a very big teacher in my life. I grew from an inferiority-complex stricken below average student to a topper. I grew from a non-serious professional to a person serious about her career. I learned the importance of having true friends. I learned how to channelize my energy on good things when everything around you is bad. All these led me to work on Finix Post. I have had some random (now non-existent) blogs that didn’t work. But then it was all a part of my learning. I miss it because the end of college meant the finish of a chance to learn more in that way.

Abhishek:  When your passion did become your profession?

Manpreet:  Right when I finished my college. I was already working part time on a couple of projects. I took up a few more and I was ready to ignore the offer letters I got.

Abhishek:  How many blogs you have and tell us something about every blog you have.

Manpreet:  I can’t disclose every blog I have as some brands would like it that way. But here are the blogs I publicly endorse at present: FinixPost ( http://www.finixpost.com ): This is where I share whatever I think would be useful to my friends. I talk about books, issues related to college and blogging and food. StartupChamp ( http://www.startupchamp.com ): This blog is dedicated to startups and entrepreneurship. We’re a big team that handles everything but I manage the operations.

 Brijraj Blog ( http://blog.brijraj.com ): Brijraj is a Delhi-based fashion brand that recently stepped into the retail sector. I have been working on their blog for almost three years and have truly seen a niche growing in such an exponential manner. It’s all about Indian Fashion – suits, sarees and lehengas.

Abhishek:  What is your primary source of income? Can you share your income stats from blogging?

Manpreet:   I have never gone open with my income stats but I am glad that blogging helps me earn almost the double of what I was offered by some top MNCs during my college placements after B.Tech. Do the maths yourself 😛

 I majorly earn from the social media marketing and blog management services I provide.

Abhishek:  What difficulties did you face during your blogging journey?

Manpreet:  The biggest issue – staying consistent with my blog posts. For a year and a half, it was amazing. I was mostly on time with my blog posts. But when you write a lot, there are days when you simply can’t work. That’s the biggest difficulty I face – not being able to work on my blog as much as I want to.

Abhishek:  You are a social media influencer. What are the factors that are important for influencing people on social media?

Manpreet:  According to my Klout score and what some brands might categorize me as I am a social media influencer. But I treat myself as just another Facebook friend you’ve or a twitter user you follow. I try to make my social media posts interesting and varying. I think that’s what an influencer must do to.

Abhishek:  What do you prefer for promoting your blog SEO or Social Media?

Manpreet:  SEO sends you a lot of traffic for a long time while traffic through social media is very instant. I prefer promoting my articles on social media and get some quick traffic. At the same time, I do follow some SEO strategies to make sure my content doesn’t stay buried on my blog and is seen by people who might find it useful.

Abhishek:  What link building strategies do you focus on?  

Manpreet:  Truthfully speaking, I have never focused on backlinks. They’re important but I have let them build naturally. You write good content and do the regular networking thing, you will have enough traffic. I never felt the need to go out looking for backlinks to my site. Not yet.

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Abhishek:  How do you use social media for promoting your own and your client’s blogs? Any differences?

Manpreet:  For clients’ blogs, it’s more about rules while for mine, it’s more about breaking the rules. I keep my own platforms very personal. You would see a lot of personality in my own social media platforms. When it comes to brands, you have to act like a professional who is clear of what message he wants to give and sticks to that. Of course, once in a while, I do crazy things over there too 😉

Abhishek:  Do you see a vibrant career in Blogging?

Manpreet: Yes, I do. India has picked up this trend a bit later than countries like the U.S. But it’s growing rapidly. Brands are blogging, individual bloggers are getting paid collaborations and lots of good things are happening in the blogging world.

Abhishek:  Your Expert advice for newbies?

Manpreet:  Don’t run behind money. You need to build a great blog first. Work on that. Spend lots and lots of time on content and distribution. Be consistent.

Abhishek: Words for Rusty Blogger and me? Soft or Hard. I would love to hear from you.

Manpreet: I admire the patience you’ve had for this interview. The moment I visited your blog, I knew we’re going to be friends. Blogging is growing in India but sadly, I can’t see the passion behind a lot many people. Most of them are behind money.  Your blog’s name is the first thing that struck a chord. And then I checked the content and really liked it. Keep up your good work!

Thanks, Manpreet for accepting my request for this Interview and friends Hope you must have loved this chat with Manpreet Kaur. Comment Box is awaiting for your questions.

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