Quora Marketing Strategy That Help to Generate Leads and Engagement in 2020

With around 40 million users all over the world, Quora is a huge social networking platform. It is used by people who come forward to get their doubts and queries cleared. It has proved to be an efficient network widely used by individuals as well as business units for personal or organizational development.

Quora marketing is often considered very crucial for brand building.

Nowadays, Quora is probably one of the most popular Question Answering Sites where people come with queries and get great answers from the experts.

A wide range of tasks can be accomplished through the medium of Quora such as getting featured on top of the search list, establishing a larger audience base, getting website views in an organic manner and so on. Quora marketing strategy is getting popular day by day.

All this comes down to one question – Can Quora help in generating leads and increasing engagement?

The short answer is YES.

Quora can be trusted to promote the growth of your website and expand your business. By making the best use of Quora as an interactive platform, your customer reach can be taken to new heights.

The following tips of Quora marketing can be put into use to help you getting more engagement and business through Quora:

1. Construct a Strong Bio

If you wish to generate leads and give rise to audience engagement through your Quora profile, it is of utmost importance that you create an effective bio for your business.

If you are not sure of how to design such a bio, you can refer to those of other high profile companies or individuals in your field.

You should also add a link to your website so that users can get a better idea about your business when they visit your website. 

I get few queries regarding Digital Marketing then and now and you can refer to my Quora Profile to build yours.

2. Make Optimum use of Keywords

An important aspect to be considered is that while answering questions, optimal incorporation of keywords must be done. This way, you can create a niche and develop it.

Starting with one and then moving onto other keywords can be really helpful as you do not have to manage them all at once. This eases your task, and relevant information can be shared with the audience.

You can learn to find long tail from this keywords research strategy.

3. Proper selection of FAQs

As Quora is a large platform, the questions coming in can never be related to one or two topics. Millions of users have their own set of questions which can be completely different from one another.

It’s your job to filter out the best questions amongst those asked related to your field. The relevance of the questions must be within your expertise. Once the screening is done, you can select a few questions from the mix. 

4. Maintaining Originality

After you have selected the type of questions you wish to answer, it must be ensured that each and every reply was given is authentic and original.

You should avoid copying the answers given by other users on your site as it decreases credibility and users would prefer not to approach you as satisfactory answers cannot be provided by pasting the words written by someone else. Moreover, if you write the answers yourself, the users begin to trust you as they find satisfaction in the answers. 

5. Use Images and Links

The addition of related links and images to your answer results in a higher engagement rate as the users tend to be more satisfied with answers that have a visual or support element along with them. Visual answers gain much more visibility than normal test answers on Quora. 

6. Interaction is the Key

Quora is not a one-way game where you can only ask questions or just answer different questions. You need to interact with people in real-time via comments, upvotes, and down votes so as to make your profile authoritative. All of your responses whether these are answers or comments add value to your profile.

Also, interaction gives you more visibility and you are perceived as an expert over Quora in a particular niche that you are trying to build.

7. Get More Social Support

Share your quora answers and interactions on social media and ask for people’s views and support. This is one of the amazing ways to get instant visibility and push on Quora.  This way, your quora answer can get a lot of social support and it can also lead your answer to trend in quora questions and answers.

Social sharing is an important aspect of quora marketing strategy to get optimum visibility.

8. Suggest Edits to Top Answers

Well there is also a great way to become more visible and more marketable on Quora platform. This is by suggesting edits to the top answers on quora. These top answers already have great readership and visibility.

If you can add value to that answer with additional valuable points and interesting facts, then people can start following you as well which are already following that top answer.

This can be a quick win but the suggestions you make should be backed with proper research and references.

9. Give References

Answers backed with references are always given much more preference than the normal answers given without references and citations.

You must write answers on quora with proper references which will act as proof to the authenticity of the information provided. You may or may not add links to the answer.

Also, if your own website or blog has good information then you can give reference to your site and drive traffic from Quora to your website.

10. Use Quora Ad Platform

Quora is one of the least penetrated and spammed platform due to its strict algorithm of filtering messages.

Quora has genuine users who came here to seek real information. You can show relevant ads to the relevant users through the Quora ad platform. This can lead to good conversion than other ad platforms.

By properly planning your Quora marketing strategy, you can indeed maximize the benefits and gain out of it. Do share your views about your experience on Quora in the comment box. 

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.