20 Frequently Asked SEO Interview Questions for Intermediates

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the rapidly growing fields in digital marketing and there are over 8 Lac jobs which requires SEO professionals. You must have a look at this list of SEO Interview Questions Answers if you are an intermediate knowledge of SEO.

Frequently Asked SEO Interview Questions Answers

1. What type of SEO do you like the most and Why?  

Ans: I like Grey Hat SEO techniques and these work best for me.

It is a mixture of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. With White Hat only you need to wait for years to rank a website. On the other hand, black hat SEO can put your website to spam. So I use both the mixture of White and Black Hat SEO by keeping a balance and eventually rank the keywords.

 2. List down three things that are outdated in SEO?  

Ans: People sometimes back started saying that SEO is Dead but what happens we all know. Its still the major business mover in online world. 

People says Directories, Social Bookmarks, Image Sharing doesn’t work and are outdated. But in my opinion nothing is outdated but the way of doing that is changed. I still believe in these activities and able to rank keywords based on these methods. 

3. List down three things which are working in SEO?  

Ans : There is an Evergreen Formula For an SEO Learner, which will Never Change in the coming years:

The KBC Formula:

“K” stand for Keyword: Good keyword improves ranking.

B” stands for Backlinks: Backlinks help to increase traffic and opens path to redirect towards your website.

C” stand for Content: (Heart of SEO) Eye Catching content which encourages people to read more. 

4. What is the most useful methods to increase conversion?  

Ans: Useful methods to increase conversion is:

Providing Exact Precise Information.(a long article wouldn’t help)

Make him think about the pricing you are offering.(offer a competitive price)

Clear Call to Action.(Buy now or Click here button)

5. What is the major things you will check in pre SEO analysis?  

Ans : As a buddy SEO I would check various  items :

Quantity and Quality of Backlinks

Compare the data of website with high ranking website.

Compare the Keywords with the competitor.

Analysis of Content Rate and make sure it is of good quality.

          In technical terms:

I would first check the broken links .

Analytics web master.

Meta tags 

Alt tile

Social platforms.

6. How you will optimize the content of a given page?  

Ans: Optimized Content doesn’t means optimizing a text.

Content optimization is sub categorized into different forms:

Incorporate external links and sources would help rise your website on first page.

Optimization of URLs and Blogpost Headlines.

Image Optimization.

Allowing readers to subscribe on your blog.

Optimization for Social media.

Selection of tags Wisely.

Write Engaging Meta Description.

 7. Your site is flagged as having malware, how will you find out? 

Ans: If your site is flagged as having malware, the alternative is a form submission, In form submission process some coding is required from the user end as you need to change the submission code. Thus, processing pages mostly remains the same 

8. What is 90/10 rule in link building?

Ans:  90/10 rule in link building is devoting up 90% of your time in content writing in SEO. Further 10% effort in Link building.

Eg: SEO = 90% of Content /10% of Link Building

9. What is 80/20 rule in SEO?  

Ans: 80/20 rule in SEO is an amazing term.It is defined as: spending 20% of time for 80% of Result.

10. I want to cache my page every hour what should I do? 

Ans: If you want to cache your page every hour you can use various tactics like :

By simply Pinging the file.

Writing new content and indexing it.

Updating sitemaps on an hourly basis and also fetch your website pages in google master.

11. I want a search box in SERP for my branded or non branded keywords?  

12. What is white hat SEO?  

Ans: White Hat SEO: white hat seo is an optimization technique that focus on human audience opposed to search engines and completely follow search engine rules and policies. Foreg : Use of Good Keywords and Keyword analysis, backlinking as well as link building to improve link popularity,writing content for human readers.

Various Techniques a White Hat Seo Practices are :

Good quality of Content.

Keyword Research and effective use of that keyword.

Systematic Fitting of Selected keywords in the Content.

Use of Titles and Meta tags.

Good Inbound Links

13. What is black hat SEO?  

Ans: Black Hat SEO: Black hat SEO is an aggressive optimization technique that only focus on Search Engine and not on Human audience, and does not obey search engine guidelines. foreg: Keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages , adding unrelated keywords to the page content or page swapping.

14. What is Gray hat SEO?  

Ans: Grey Hat SEO: Grey Hat SEO is ill-defined and ill-advised optimization technique which focuses on both the tactics of white hat as well as black hat .

for eg: you post something, like an eye catching link or a piece of content that encourages people to read more.

15. Does directory submission help?  

Ans:  Directory Submission: Directory Submission is submitting up of your website URL on various web directories or business directories to create backlinks.Therefore,Yes, Directory submission  helps because as backlinks are used by search engine to improve the ranking. So,more the backlinks to your website will improve ranking as well as relevancy.

 16. What is the latest update you read about Google.  

Ans : The latest update by google was the change of algorithm which google uses to rank pages on the top. This still remain unconfirmed that on what instance google has made changes in. So, It could be based on things like : content and site quality, versus link.

 17. What is Google panda? What strategy you will use for quality content?  

Ans: Google Panda : Google Panda is an algorithm that is applied to the sites to measure the quality and content of any site. The main aim of google panda is “lesser the rank of low quality content site” and returns “higher the rank of High quality content site”.

Strategies which you can use for quality content:

Make your content committing,encouraging as well as satisfying.

Track your mistake .

Invest more time in training instead of steadily writing .

Analyse the surrounding and people thinking on the topic.

Have right attitude.

 18. What is Google Penguin?  

Ans: Google Penguin is an another name for google algorithm update.This update was first announced  on April 24,2012 which was based on decreasing search engine ranking of websites that violates the google webmaster policies and the algorithm was against black hat seo strategies.

 19. What is DMCA?  

Ans: DMCA: (Digital Millennium Copyright Act): It is a United State  Copyright Law. It was created in 1998.The two important parts of Dmca are:

Anti-Circumvention : If a copyright holder places some type of digital right managemnet software/hardware,unoptical piece of content,it’s illegal to try to configure how it works or to feed it.Just an attempt is also illegal.

Safe Harbor Provisions: A very good example of this term is  Youtube.Some time some people do not have right to add up some type of videos on youtube. so, Safe harbor provisions gives a right to copy right owner  to sue that person for engaging the discrimination of his/her content.

20. What are 3 best content marketing platforms?


If you are preparing for SEO job interview for an intermediate level then prepare these, you will go through your SEO interview process. If you still have any questions in mind then please let me know, I ll get back to you asap.

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