10 Reasons Why You Should Start Blog in College

Students waste a lot of time in college and this often comes to haunt some of them. While in college, some students believe it is time to experiment and enjoy the unlimited freedom. However, there are ways one can enjoy their freedom and space while still building their resume.

Starting a blog, for example, is one of the ways one can use their time to empower and enrich themselves while still in college. Initially, starting a blog was seen as something reserved for the technocrats only. However, things have changed and currently, anyone with a computer can indeed start their own blog.

One of the advantages of having a blog is that you can write about anything and share your thoughts and ideas about certain issues in the society. There are no limitations but the internet never forgets and therefore, you also need to be a responsible blogger. Having a blog speaks volumes about a person and can even help you learn different skills.

This article simply seeks to encourage you to start your own blog and to slowly become an independent or free-thinker.

Below are 10 reasons why you should consider the idea of starting a blog while in college.

1. You can use it as a platform to teach your readers useful things

The greatest satisfaction in life comes when what we do improves or empowers other people. According to blogger from customessayorder.com, starting a blog can indeed be a way or can gift you the opportunity to empower other people. The hand that giveth will always hold a higher moral ground in the society. Therefore, seek to always dispense what you know while helping people to grow through your blog. People do not and will not always email you thanking you about your pieces but the thought that someone’s life is changed or touched because of you should be reason enough.

2. Establish yourself or transform yourself into an expert

While in college, a majority of students share the fear of ‘not being taken seriously’ in the real world. The truth is college cannot help you become credible enough to warrant special treatment from employers. Additionally, while in college and without your certificate, it would indeed be a tall order to convince anyone to hire you. However, blogging can transform you into an expert especially after you focus on a single topic or subject. Even though it will take time to become or even be considered an expert, you will slowly make your mark.

3. Build an interesting network

Blogging will also help you build an interesting network while you are still young and vibrant. Currently, there are thousands of blogs and by running one, you are sharing your ideas with the world. In every subject one wishes to blog there are others who have already been there for some time. Reaching out to these people can indeed help you grow and build strong relationships. You can also find mentors or people who will empower and build you in different ways.

4. Grow or expand your knowledge on issues of the world

Blogging does not necessarily involve sharing one’s ideas or opinions but also entails hours of research. Regardless of the subject area you choose, research is indeed mandatory and this grows your and cements your knowledge in your field. By teaching others as well, you get to solidify your knowledge and make it easier for yourself to remember.

5. Use it as a platform to get-access or meet famous bloggers or well-known people in your field

In every field, there are people who have already become or transformed themselves into household characters. Meeting these people is always difficult and would take you more time if you have not made your mark yet. If you are seeking to grow your blog, you will indeed to seek the opinion of these individuals on issues and having them as guests to your blog will not only grow your readership but will also increase your credibility. With time, your opinions and perception can also make it easy for you to meet people because you can indeed get to the point where you are the important person people want to listen to. Whichever way you look at it, you will indeed gain in the end.

6. Make money obviously

Making money should not be your main reason to start a blog because if it is, you will be discouraged and disappointed and eventually opt out of blogging. Making money out of blogging is difficult but possible. However, it should not be your main goal. Empowering your readership should always be above this reason and whenever your love for doing something eclipses your need for making money, you will indeed start reaping financial benefits from your craft.

7. Increase your allure to potential recruiters

Blogging as already stated can and will help you transform into an expert. It will also expand your knowledge about various issues of the world. This makes you or increases your chances of impressing recruiters. Recruiters like to work with people who can think on their feet as well as those who do not share to air their views. Therefore, you will have made it easier for them to choose you over others who spent their four or five years in college ‘studying.’

8. Learn marketing skills while still in school

Everyone who has a blog wishes to have visitors in their site. The goal is not to write and publish but to have people and even comment on what you have written. This helps to package your information and to present it in a way that will attract an audience. Driving traffic to your blog is a lot of work and will take time and patience. Most bloggers use twitter and Facebook to market their work while others use the numerous google services like SEOs and GoogleAds. Whichever method one chooses, you will eventually end up skilled in marketing.

9. Transform or switch to a problem solver or solution finder

In this world, there are people who seek to always provide others with solutions while there are those who are only interested in using other people’s ideas. You need to choose where you belong and running a blog is one way of saying you are a solution finder or problem solver. As a blogger and depending on your subject area, you will always be writing about topics and issues of the world. Blogging will turn you into an information junky and you will get hungrier by the day. This means you will always have something to say or have a solution to whichever problems people might have.

10. Share your thoughts and ideas on various issues in the world

Blogging also gifts you the chance to share your ideas and opinions with the world. Whenever people write about issues of the world, they are expected to offer their side of the story and everyone will, therefore, expect you to offer yours.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.