Top 10 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2020

Nowadays online advertising plays a crucial role in our space on the internet. Many of you must be using ad placements on your blog to monetize your space or having some earning and others must be thinking forward to it. The most commonly used is Google AdSense for ad placement on the blog, but it comes with some restrictions as well as many of us were not able to get accepted yet. While Google AdSense is most common, it is not the only one.

Here we are introducing you about Top 10 best ad networks for a blogger to monetize your blog and start earning.

1. Kajamba

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Kajamba’s advertising software was built by, with and for publishers with the experience of more than 15years in this market. It is easy to use, self-service platform. It works with direct advertisers, ad networks, private marketplaces, etc. to offer our publishers the highest CPM possible for each and every impression. The kajambais optimized for both desktops as well as mobile platform, which make it easy to use on any one of them. 

They have multiple high-performing ads and formats like Footers, Banners, Sliders, Pops, Interstitials, Video and more to offer the publisher. All has been made to keep the ease of publisher in mind. So that the site owner can give more time to their content than working over ad selling. They also provide the referral program by which you will gain some earning if someone sign up through your referral link.

Kajamba’s minimum payment threshold starts from $5 for PayPal. And it does not require any minimum traffic to sign up.

 2. Infolinks

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Infolink is one of the most popular ad networks in the market because of its unique features which provide the ad placement without disturbing the look of our blog. It also is highly used because it can be utilized along with other ad networking integrated on your blog. Their ads are of high quality as well as sleek formats like InFold, InTag, InText, and Inscreen. It does not even take a full minute to start monetizing your blog with Infolinks. Infolinks supports a marketplace of over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries.

Its minimum payment threshold starts from $50. And again it does not require any minimum traffic to sign up.


Link – was found in runs #2 largest adprograms globally, according to their revenue. It offers ads according to the topic of your page which are keywords targeted thus, your content should be of high quality to gain maximum benefit. is a contextual ad program of the Yahoo Bing network. Through its dashboard, you can only customize your ads in real time. It also allows you to customize your ads according to your both computer and mobile platform by supporting a variety of ad formats like image, rich media, video, expandable, etc.

Its minimum payment threshold starts from $100 for PayPal. And there is no minimum traffic for sign up required.

4. Chitika

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Chitika was found in 2003. Chitika means “snap of the fingers,” in Telugu and represents the speed at which Chitika online ads display on a website. Chitika does not need approval for ads integration. Thus, you can start monetizing your site with little traffic too. You only need to create an account to start up. Chitika provides high-quality ads from partners like Yahoo!, SuperMedia and HomeAdvisor.

Chitika’s minimum payment threshold starts from only $10 for PayPal. And it does not require any minimum traffic to sign up just some organic traffic.

 5. Buysellads

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Buysellads was founded in 2008. You need to get approval from the site just like Google AdSense before starting to earn from it. One of the unique features of buysellads which make it the popular choice is that it assists the publisher to deliver ads directly to the advertiser. It allows you to deal in your ad space directly with the advertiser. If your blog or site has a huge amount of traffic, you can quickly sell your ad space on flat rates.

Buysellads’ minimum payment threshold starts from only $20 for PayPal. But like I said you need to have a huge amount of traffic for getting approved by it. The minimum required traffic on your blog is more than 50,000 page views per month.

6. Qadabra

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Qadabra is a self-serve ad platform for bloggers to earn through performance-based advertising. Just copy and paste the code on your site and the ads or banner will be able to show immediately in less than 20 seconds of implementation. It’s connected with advertisers all over the world. The Qadabra ensures maximum eCPM by getting the impression of the highest paying advertiser.

Qadabra’s minimum payment threshold is the lowest of all only $1. Thus, you can have your cash transfer as soon as you make your first dollar. It also does not require any minimum traffic to start using Qadabra.

 7. Bidvertiser

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Bidvertiser is one of the oldest best PPC ad networks to choose from. It displays ads from the highest bidder on ad space of your site, which assures the highest possible revenue to earn. It supports multiple ad formats including Banner Ads, In-text, Domain Parking, XML feed Ads, Contextual Ads, Search Toolbar. It provides a simple point and click tool to help you customize your ads layout to fit your site look and feel to keep the quality of your blog intact. It pays for every click on the ad, and extra revenue is earned if the click converts into a purchase.

Bidvertiser’s minimum payment threshold starts from only $10 for PayPal, and they pay it on a monthly basis. And it doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement to sign up. This makes it one of the ideal ad networks for newbies.

 8. Propeller Ads

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The company was founded in 2011. Its advertising network offers multi-channel advertising solutions for display, desktop, video, mobile, and in-app. They perform manual checks to remove all unsafe and suspicious advertisers to ensure high-quality ads. It provides 100% monetized inventory, in-time payouts, and detailed real-time reporting. They also have 5% referral program.

Propeller Ads’ minimum payment threshold starts from $100 for PayPal. And it does not require any minimum traffic to sign up. This makes it one of the amazing ad networks.

9. Clicksor

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Clicksor serves over 500 million ad impressions daily by partnering over 100,000 websites. Your ad listings will instantly appear on clicksor’s affiliated websites that have related content to your product or service. It releases your payment in every 15 days. It also has a referral program which can earn you an extra 10%. Clicksor is Bid based CPC and CPM ads networks, but it offers less CPC rates than others.

Clicksor’s minimum payment threshold starts from $50 for PayPal. And it does not require any minimum traffic to sign up. This is why it is one of the trusted ad networks.


Link – is a division of AOL platform of advertising. They are one of the best ad network over the market. While it provides the best high-quality ads from top brands, it also needs the publisher to be well defined. You need account approval before starting ads from it. Your site should have high traffic and you should not be having any prohibited content like weapons, illegal activities etc. on your blog.’s minimum payment threshold starts from $25 for PayPal. But the minimum traffic requirement is more than 50,000 monthly pageviews to sign up. This makes it one of the lovable ad networks.

These are the amazing ad networks from which you can choose as per their offers and to start a profitable affiliate site you must check out this amazing article How to Make an Affiliate Site Profitable?

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