20 Types of Content to get Traffic to your Website

Do you want huge traffic on your business website or business blog? Are you advertising on Social Media for your small business?

Are you blogging continuously and still not able to get significant traffic?

and the last question

Are you getting enough traffic and want to boost it further?

If you have one these questions sticking to your mind then you are going to get very interesting content marketing tips to boost your website traffic.

Generally, we post content as text and sometimes include images in it. By continuous efforts, by producing good quality content we start generating a decent amount of traffic. But do believe the traffic we are getting is enough for you.

Aren’t you able to get more out of that? If not. Then it is not your mistake. You still don’t know how to diversify your content. Here in this post, I am going to tell you about 20 different types of content that you can curate and promote to get huge traffic to your website.

The main purpose to create the different types of content forms is to diversify the reach of content. There are people who are active on video platforms, audio platforms, interested in polls and other. If you are only blogging and blogging, then you will miss this huge audience.

You need to start focusing on these content forms to reach a broad audience in different forms. Let’s begin with first type of content.

 1. SEO Optimized Blog Posts:

This is not new to write blog posts on your blog or website. It is one of the best content marketing strategies of all. The that needed to be taken in care is the proper selection of keywords and details while writing a blog post. The blog post must be SEO optimized so that it can fetch more visitors. You must read this SEO Optimized Content Writing Guide to write a great content that can fetch you more visitors from search engines.

 2. Ebooks: 

Ebooks are the best form of information which can be carried at any point of time. You should write an Ebook related to your business or the product. Like if you have a car repair shop. You can write an Ebook related to car repair and spread with your friends, customers and other people. Give them the option to download the free Ebook from your website.

3. How to Guides:

 How to guides are one of best method to attract users. SOLVE PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS AND PEOPLE WILL MAKE YOU RICH.  These posts attract a lot of users as How to Guides solve real time problems of the people. This type of content can be very useful to fetch a lot of quality users.

Check out the Rusty Blogger’s How to Guides.  Read one of our popular Guide ie How to Ping your Website with these 21 Blog Pinging Sites


4. Lists:

You must compile list posts in your blog. List posts can contain lists of various websites, list of top 10s of any place or some other thing. The list you compile must have a clear explanation of everything. User love to read about lists as they find it easy to remember. You can have a look at Rusty Blogger’s Lists. 

Here are our most popular lists:

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5. Interviews: 

Interviews are the best way to get brand recognition. When you feature some of the biggies on your blog. Your blog automatically gets attraction of lots of people in that particular domain.

How you can interview people in your domain?

Contact them through mail, connect with them on meets and conferences and seek their time. You can interview them through text mail later on or can shoot a video interview with them. Publish that on your blog, promote it. Also, you can request the respective celebrity to share the post with their audience. It is definitely going to boost your website traffic and popularity. Here is one of our interview series  Interview with Nikhil Saini:: Founder of “My Quick Idea” at Rusty Blogger

 6. Testimonials:

Ask for testimonials from your clients, ex employers or from the biggies in your domains. This is gonna build great trust for your audience on you. Request them to write few lines for you through mail or through SMS or by meeting them directly.


Quotes are one of the best types of content that motivate people more than anything. You can write content related to famous quotes by famous people. These quotes are workable to make people interested in your blog.

“Running with the herd is not always a great idea; be unique, and the links will come.” ~ Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link 

8. Case Studies:

Case Study is the detail study of any process that is working or had a very good result or a bad result in past. You can write a content around a particular case. You can go through one of my Pinterest Marketing Success Case study

How a single pin on Pinterest can get you 1356 hits?


9. Question/Answers:

You can actively start a Question/Answer post where you can decide a date and time and people can actively chat on your post through the comment section. The thing is you need to be active on your blog for the same specified date and time.  You can also start a question answer round on third party websites like Yahoo and Quora. You can direct the traffic from there to your blog. Here you can see my Quora Profile.

10. Roundup Posts:

Round up posts are one of the best methods to connect to a wide variety of audience. Round up posts include the responses or advices or opinions of different kind of people about a particular product, service or your website. In the context of roundup, I love the PV Ariel’s blog. You can check this beautiful roundup post at PVAriel.com.

11. Infographics:

Infographics are the dedicated graphics that contains some useful information. It can be a visual case study in the form of the images. You should follow this link to see a beautiful infographic made by us.

12. Animated GIFs:

Animated GIFs are one of the great sources to gain popularity on social media engines. They attract users more than anything. GIFs about pranks, jokes are very cool to share. These get viral easily and ultimately leading to huge traffic to your website.

13. Screenshots:

If you are achieving something from your website or from your blog. Then you can share some screenshots of your earnings and achievements. People are eager to see what you have actually achieved. Here see one of my earning screenshot from one of my client through PayPal.

14. Polls:

This is one of the unique kind of content which can engage people in a good way. Ask people for their responses and allow them to vote in favour or against a particular thing. You can conduct a poll for choosing your favourite actor, actress, a product or a political leader. This can get you huge number of visitors.

15. Surveys:

Conduct surveys with the help of your online audience. Engaging them with your surveys will let them share your content automatically as they are involved in them. This kind of post can open a constant stream of traffic to your website.

16. Contests:

Run contests on your website. Give a small giveaway in the form of some product, coupons or cash prizes. People love to participate in these kind of posts.

 17. Podcasts:

Diversify your content through another format of content that is the audio content. Create podcasts and share them on different podcast sharing platforms. You can share your content with another category of audience which still loves podcast. You must look at this Apple’s Podcast Guide.

 18. Videos:

Videos as we all know that are the best form of content. It is experimented by the scientists that the thing in which our all senses are involved is easy to remember and retain. So are the videos which involves our all senses. It is one of the best types of content that is loved by all. See this Video to Create a Blog on Blogger for FREE in 8 Minutes.

Create small videos to represent your business. Create video tutorials to add value to the people. You can Interview people of your domain and spread the word. Videos can help you to diversify your content in one of the greatest forms. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

19. PPTs:

PPTs are also one of the amazing types of content. This form of content is very important in professional career to present something before a panel. It is the easiest form of content to share your idea with someone. There are a lot of methods to create great presentations to present on the larger stages. You can create PPTs and share on different PPT submission websites. This will help you to increase your website traffic and create a brand value for your website or blog.

20. PDFs:

PDFs are generally the best type of content as it can be easily accessible, has a definite size and easy to create. You can simply create PDFs online by putting your main content in doc format. Give users PDFs to read on your web blog or website. The reader will love to come back to you as you are helping them in providing the content in the format he/she is comfortable with. There are a lot of PDF sharing websites on which you can share your content in the form of PDFs to enhance your reach on the internet. This is surely gonna boost your website traffic.

I believe that if you are using all these types of content form to spread of diversifying your content. Then you are going to get huge traffic to your website. If you have some doubts, then comment box is waiting for your response. Sharing is what I request you if you found something useful out of it. At last here is a Precise Search Engine Optimization Guide

Summary Article Name 20 Types of Content to get Traffic to your Website Description Don’t miss out creating these 20 Types of Content. These types of content can help you to get huge traffic to your Website. Diversify your content.

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