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Web Hosting is the backbone and energy shell for any website alive on the internet. This post has been written considering the reader as a beginner to the whole concept of web hosting. That’s why in this post, you’ll know what Web Hosting is? What are the various types of web hosting and how to choose the Best Web hosting for your website?

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>> Which is the Best Web Hosting For your website?


Definition of Web Hosting:

Let’s get started with the definition of Web Hosting.

Web Hosting is something that allows a website to be accessed by anybody on the internet via the World Wide Web (WWW). Web hosting is offered by various companies who actually allow their customers to make use of their physical web hosting related infrastructure and resources on rent or lease.

In other words, Web Hosting is simply the way to alive your website to everyone in this world via the Internet. It the place where all of the files of your website are stored on. A web server allows these files to be accessed by anybody in the form of your website by making use of various kind of technologies.

These days web hosting has become something very common which anybody could easily get by paying various amounts depending upon the type. Even the procedure of building a website from scratch has no more been a work of hours. Using quality services, it’s possible to alive a new website within a few minutes.

Web Hosting services are offered in the form of various plans and packages by different companies, all across the world. Most of them provide online interface using which anybody can have all the features of web hosting sitting on their couch at home. Before knowing anything else, let’s know various types of web hosting services first.

Types of Web Hosting:

The most popular kind of web hosting types are given below:

Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Managed Hosting These are the five main types of web hosting services which we are going to briefly discuss in this article. To have a better understanding in professional language as well as general language, we’ve added the definitions of each type of web hosting from Wikipedia.

Shared Web Hosting:

Think yourself, Shared Web Hosting consists of two words. One is shared and other is Web Hosting. Thus it simply implies its meaning in name. Now in what way the web hosting is shared, the question that arise is In the matter of resources, cost or anything else? Actually, a mixture of everything shared.

Therefore, Shared hosting is a kind of web hosting in which on a single server multiple websites are hosted. It might be as much as per the specifications of the server. Shared hosting is for the beginners who have not high traffic on their sites. If you are a newbie and want to start building your online presence, then this type of web hosting is the best option for you.

The drawback of this shared web hosting is that you are not allowed to make use of full server specifications. You have very limited server resources to make use by your website. But the biggest positive side of shared web hosting is that it is the cheapest type of web hosting. That’s why perfect for beginners.

VPS Web Hosting:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In Shared Hosting Server, a single operating system and machine server is used to host multiple websites. But the concept is different in the case of VPS. In VPS, there is a part of shared hosting and also a part of dedicated hosting. Shared in the way that a complete dedicated server is till used to host multiple websites but a dedicated server as well in the way that the divided resources we get are completely ours. Actually, the divided dedicated server has its own operating system which is used to virtualize the whole dedicated server in smaller pieces.

In VPS Web hosting a complete server is divided into some child servers in a virtual way. But this way we get divided but full amount of resources as mentioned in the VPS plans. Unlike, shared web hosting we don’t face limitation of resource issues and VPS is good for high traffic websites. VPS type of web hosting lies between shared web hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting. Likewise, it cost also lies between Shared and Dedicated, not so cheap, not so costly.

Dedicated Web:

Hosting Dedicated Hosting is often referred to as not just hosting but a server. Dedicated hosting is like you are hiring a complete machine to host just your website or app. You have the control over the whole server. You can do whatever you want to do with your server. From reinstalling operating system to making minor changes.

Also indicated in the name, that everything is dedicated to you. But being a webmaster handling a dedicated server is the most difficult job than handling any other kind of server. You need to have good technical knowledge if you want to run your website successfully on a dedicated server. The other option will be you have to hire somebody expert help you handling your server or the server company’s managed serveries itself you need to get, for which you might be paying more. 

Sometimes, for very much high traffic sites, even a single dedicated server doesn’t work. Then they need to have a group of some dedicated web hosting server so that in combination they can work and help to maintain the website up on the internet. Anyhow, most of the people having their online presence, might not need dedicated hosting plans to host their websites. Shared and VPS servers are almost fine for all kind of general websites. But if someone requires maximum control and flexibility, a dedicated server is the only option.

Simply, the whole server is given to you in this kind of hosting. That means you can make use of complete resources of the server. This type of hosting is the most costly type of web hosting and is used by very high traffic sites and web apps.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud Hosting is actually nothing but a type of web host that makes use of cloud computing technology. Cloud Servers are the servers of the new generation. You might have heard of Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing. Cloud Technologies are these days becoming popular. Actually, this technology makes use of shared resources at different locations all across the world wisely to provide the webmasters as well as the users the best experience. The best part of this type of server is that our files are not just saved on a single server but on multiple servers at various locations. If somehow, a server got down or something went wrong with a particular server, there will not be any technical issue with your hosted website.

Moreover, in cloud hosting, you pay for those resources that you are actually making using of It is not so costly and many of the cloud hosting services are available at the price comparable to Shared Web Hosting.

Cloud Hosting is a new kind of Modern Web Hosting type. Cloud computing is recommended for those who have enough technical knowledge to completely support their websites by their selves while not for beginners.

Managed Hosting Managed Hosting is a custom type of web hosting offered by many of the web hosting companies. This type of hosting is for those people who don’t have enough technical knowledge. In this type of hosting, the company offers complete help and technical support to the user to help him running his websites successfully. Its price may vary from company to company.

Managed Hosting:

Plans costs may be further differentiated on the basis of traffic amounts and kind of support demanded Best for those who have enough to spend and don’t want to be so techy.

Which is the Best Web Hosting For your website? In short, you can estimate which is the best type of web hosting from the following data:

Shared Hosting – For Beginners and Low Traffic Sites/Sites who do not want much personal control VPS – For moderate or even high traffic sites/Sites who want more personal control Dedicated – For very high traffic sites/Sites who want full control on their server Cloud – Randomly for any type of site (Varies by Specification) Managed – For any kind of site depending upon the specification offered by various managed hosting plans. This article might help you to understand a lot about web hosting, especially to beginners. If you liked reading this article, do share it with your friends on social media. And don’t forget to subscribe us for more such useful and informational articles.

Now let’s read below how to select best web hosting India without any doubt.

Well, you can undoubtedly trust on MicroHost.com  for all your hosting needs. This is my personal favourite and most reliable.

Qualities of the best web hosting to choose the best one –

1 – They are safe and secured with advanced security features.

2 – They have good speed so you can give a better experience to your visitor.

3 – Their pricing and plans are competitive so everyone can afford.

4 – They have facility to upgrade so don’t need to switch the server.

5 – They should have installation tools so we can upload and download script.

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