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Abhishek Jain Rusty Blogger Speaking at Tecnia

My Name is Abhishek Jain and I hail from Punjab(India). I started this blog in 2015 when I was working as a Team Lead, Digital Marketing in a services-based startup.

I am blogging and doing digital marketing from my college days since 2013.

Currently, I am based in Noida and Director of Digitofy Global Pvt. Ltd.

This blog is a result of my experimentation of the last 7 years, I have learned so much in the field of Organic Digital Marketing particularly SEO and Content. I am now trying to help you guys to understand the hidden nuggets of Digital Marketing.

My Mission Behind RustyBlogger.com

There were a few problems in the digital marketing industry that I wanted to solve through this blog:

1. Scattered information: Digital Marketing is quite a new industry and evolving and the content about it is very scattered. I want to help my colleagues and friends to get information about the SEO industry at a single place.

2. Be your own boss: Blogging has given me a very wide perspective of looking at the possibilities in any direction. I wanted to give that perspective to others by making them learn to blog and start earning from it.

3. To defy the myths of Digital Marketing: I have heard people saying Digital Marketing does not work. It happens due to their lack of knowledge or any past bad experience. RustyBlogger is helping people with factful knowledge.

4. Bringing the World to you: I was motivated by industry experts so I took a challenge to interview them and bring their knowledge to you.

My Work Experiences

I am doing experiments since 2013 when I was in college. Since then I have failed many times and got up with new experiences every time.

The urge to not giving up is in every cell of my body.

I did multiple jobs in 2 years and due to my skills I moved from an SEO executive in a service based company to Assistant Manager, SEO in a product based company in Chandigarh.

Then I got an opportunity to work as a partner in a Noida based startup company and that luckily crashed in 5 months due to huge loses.

This gave me an opportunity to start my own Digital Marketing Company in Noida, India in June 2017 where we have successfully helped over 50+ businesses to grow organically in the past 3 years.

I also consults celebrities and solopreneurs to start with their digital marketing on 121 basis.

My Book

I have authored a book named “Why SEO Fails?”

This book basically deals with the mistakes business owners make while hiring an SEO company.

This book will be shortly available on amazon for buying.

As a Speaker

I have been called at various events and institutions for speaking over entrepreneurial and digital marketing topics some of them are IIIT Hyderabad, Amity University, ACET(Amritsar) and many more.

I had spoken and anchored at the biggest blogging event of India for consecutive 2 years ie BlogX.

Featured ON

Due to my work, I have been featured on various newspapers and online magazines such as Huffington Post, Apnic.net, DomainX and many other blogs in the industry.

You can check all my other mentions here.

Connect with me

If you wish to connect with me for any help, speaking opportunity and any other requirement. You can reach out to me via this Contact Page.