DomainX 2016 Taj Mahal Trip & Networking Event Highlights [Day 1]

DomainX is the biggest Domaining Event in India where all the domainers come under one roof. Here they talk about new business opportunities in Domain Investments.

DominX 2016 is the third edition of DomainX after Hyderabad and Bangalore edition. DomainX 2016 was a two day event scheduled on 6th and 7th of August, 2016 full of fun, travel, vigour, networking and learning.

DomainX is a collective effort of all the Domainers in India but primarily founded by Manmeet Pal Singh Mahal and Gaurav Kohli to promote the domain name investing opportunities in India.

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Let’s see the DomainX Day 1 Taj Mahal Visit Highlights Day 1 

Networking starts at 7 AM in the morning. Our VVIP Delegates get into their respective vehicles to reach Taj Mahal.

Delegates during Taj Mahal Trip

Manmeet Pal Singh []

Dima Beitzke []

Paul Singh & Family []

Abdul Vasi & Family []

Dawinder Pal Singh []

David []

Ritesh Chauhan [Domain Investor from Gujrat]

Krishna Yogi & Family []

Mayur [Domain Investor from India]

TP Vinod [Domain Investor from India]

Ashi [Domain Investor  from Scotland]

Abhishek Jain that is me []

We reached Taj Mahal at around 11 AM and then got our tickets to enter into Taj Mahal. There was a long line up to enter into Taj Mahal area. Taj Mahal Trip was a great initiative by DomainX Team to personally meet and greet each other more closely.

Taj Mahal is an exquisite piece of Architecture built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in memory of her wife Mumtaz. It is listed in one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Here you can see some of the Pictures taken there at the Taj Mahal.

Huge Crowd at the Entry of Taj Mahal  

Guide Explaining the History of Taj Mahal to our Delegates  

DomainX Delegates at the Taj Mahal Taj Mahal Trip was tiring but worth it. I cannot define its beauty in words but all our delegates have something to say about Taj Mahal. You must watch this small Video 🙂

Highlights of DomainX Networking Party in  Evening In the evening of August 6, 2016,

 there was a scheduled Networking Event where people had registered. Registrations for the Networking Event started at 5:30 PM and delegates started joining the event. It was a great opportunity for all domainers to know each other and their Domain Investing Tactics personally.

The whole scene of the event was so productive. Meetings on different tables, chit chatting, business discussions and partying at the same time.  Overall it was a great Networking meet.

See some of the Pictures from the evening event.

 Awesome Networking and Photography at DomainX 2016  

After the evening event, Domain Name Owners Association of India’s members stayed to discuss the further proceedings of the Day 2.

Om Thoke BDay at Celebration at DomainX 16 During the discussions we get to know about special news after the clock turns 12 midnight. The news was the Birthday of one of the prominent member of DNOAi Om Thoke. There we celebrated his BDay by giving him a cake bath and the tasty cake was shared among all 🙂

That is how the first day went by fantastically 🙂 Watch out the Day 2 Highlights of DomainX 2016 soon.

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Summary Article Name DomainX 2016 Taj Mahal Trip & Networking Event Highlights [Day 1]

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