GetResponse vs Mad Mimi :: Which is the Best Email Marketing Tool in 2021?

The professional email marketers, all around the world, on the basis of their views and experience, give different recommendations of tools to use for email marketing. As, email marketing is becoming an complicated and competitive part of online marketing these days and playing an important role to drive real time massive traffic to website. A lot of tools and services are started to help email marketers to do cutting edge email marketing.

Such two tools are GetResponse and Mad Mimi. Today, we are going to compare these two professional and incredible email marketing tools specially built to do each and everything related to email marketing from building email list or landing pages to managing and sending emails to subscribers.

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Features Comparison of GetResponse vs Mad Mimi

As this is a comparison article, let us first get started by comparing the features offered by GetResponse vs. Mad Mimi side by side.

The above Table includes the list of features of both GetResponse and Mad Mimi side by side, GetResponse in the left, and Mad Mimi’s in the right but not meant for symmetrical comparison. It is just to have a quick overview of both of the tools.

If you want to know detailed features of both of these tools click on their respective links given below.

Official Home Page Links of GetResponse and Mad Mimi: GetResponse | Mad Mimi

Pricing Comparison of GetResponse vs Mad Mimi

After comparing features, the next thing which would matter the most is the pricing.

Here below I have given the screenshot of the official pricing of both of these tools, firstly of GetResponse followed by of Mad Mimi’s pricing.

GetResponse offer fixed but variety of plans to manage various number of subscribers and pricing also varies according to it as you can see in the above screenshot.

Mad Mimi’s pricing options are a little bit interesting. They offer some fixed plan and we can build our very own plan and can pay according to the number of subscribers we want to manage. Thus, Mad Mimi offers suitable budget plan for various types of email marketing campaigns. Here is the screenshot of their official pricing page.

We conclude that pricing of both of the tools mentioned above, i.e. GetResponse and Mad Mimi, are great in accordance with pricing as well. They offer ultimate and budget pricing for their capabilities and ultimate features.

GetResponse or Mad Mimi: Which is our Choice?

So, whether it is the matter of features or the matter of Pricing, various people or email marketers may have different choices of tools to use. Among the above two listed tools, we conclude, GetResponse to be the Best Email Marketing for us. It completely satisfies the needs of every email marketing to do any kind of email marketing.

However, Mad Mimi is also the perfect tool to satisfy any kind of email marketing as well but GetResponse is a more powerful, experienced, and popular, and more professional tool as being used by the top and pro email marketers all around the world.

So, this is our comparison of two professional and incredible email marketing tools. I hope, this article would help you to decide and choose the right email marketing tool for you to satisfy all of your needs.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.