How to Index your new Website on Google Quickly?

Before understanding the concept of indexing your website within 12 to 24 hours you need to know these basic terms like Google Bot, Spiders, Crawlers, Crawling and Indexing. 

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Now what is Google Bot, Crawling and Indexing?

Google Bot or Spiders or Crawler:

Google Bot or Spiders and Crawler is of the same meaning in terms of SEO.  Google bot of spiders is the automated search software or bots which used to crawl your content. It is sent by search engine giant Google to collect information from different web pages around the globe.


It is the process of searching and finding newly updated data on the websites with the help of the bots or the spiders. In crawling new websites are being listed and information is gathered from them.


It is the wholesome process of organizing the collected data and information from the new pages crawled by the bots on the entire web. In this process, Google bots store the information collected in its searchable index. This data is collected on the basis of the keywords processed by the bots from the page content. This forms the basis of returning the search query when somebody searches for some particular keyword in the Google search box.

How to check whether your website pages are indexed or not? 

There is a simple method to check whether your website pages are indexed or not. All of you know how to search in Google? Right na?

To check whether your website is indexed or not type this query “Site: ”

You will get all the pages indexed by Google. See the illustration below

Now it is the time to get your website indexed in Google.

Here is what you can do to Index your website quickly in Google. Go Great. 

1. Creation and implementation of the Robots.txt What is Robots.txt?

In Simple words, Robots.txt is an instruction set to Google which directs the Google Bot to index or not to index the web pages of the website. This is a very important attribute for E-Commerce websites in which the Ecommerce websites do not want to share their data with anyone. This is an important property of saving your transactions being tracked by any of the search engines.

It also directs the Search Engine Bots to Index and Follows the pages. If you want your Pages to be followed and indexed. You can allow this too in your Robots.txt file.

You can create your Robots.txt File from here

The Name and extension of this text file should always be Robots.txt. It should be placed in the root folder of your website so that search engine can directly fetch it with this unique extension.

You can also allow or disallow Robots by adding a meta tag in the head section of the web page you want to index or deindex.

A simple meta tag to get indexed and followed by Google is

2. Updating your Social Media Profiles:

 Whenever you add a page or post to your website or blog. You must update your social media pages and profiles by sharing that Page on it. Though there will be no effect of social media on search engine rankings but social media sharing will definitely help you to index your website faster. Listen to Google’s web spam head Matt Cutts and see What he says about Indexing your website in Google.

3. Update your website Regularly :

As we all love fresh food items, in the same way, Google craves for fresh content all the time. It is very important to update your website on a regular basis with fresh content. The content may be an article, press release, news about your business, Images of event celebrations and others too. This fresh content fetches Google’s attention towards your website helps in indexing your web pages faster.

It is advisable for the company to start a Blog on their websites. It is the best way to update your website and also it has been observed that companies get 300% more outreach with a blog.

4. Create and Submit a Sitemap:

 A sitemap is a xml file in which all the links of the website are included and are given priorities. These are prioritized so that Google or other search engines can understand which link to crawl first and so on.

In the WordPress website, you can download an XML Sitemap Plugin to generate the sitemap. This sitemap is a dynamic sitemap which automatically updates on the addition of each post. If your website is on some other platform, then you can create the sitemap of your own. You can use the Sitemap Generator to create the sitemap. See the Sitemap of Rusty Blogger.

After the creation of a sitemap, it is to be submitted in the Google Webmasters. Submitting the sitemap to Google webmasters will let the google to index your website pages that are present in the sitemap. In WordPress, the sitemap is automatically updated and the links are automatically indexed by the Google if you have already submitted the sitemap into Google.

5. Search Engine Submission:

 Search Engine Submission is a dedicated method to index your website instantaneously. After posting a recent post. You should submit your website into various search engines. I will be sharing the Search Engine Submission Sites List after a few days.

You can submit your website in Google Search Engine here

For Submitting your website to Bing click here

6. Submitting your website on  different blog networks:

 There are different high authority blogs which are updated regularly and crawled by Google many times a day. You should submit your website to those blogs or websites. Now the question is how you can submit your website there. The answer is in the Blog Comments. Read the blog post and give a sincere review of the blog post in the comment box. You can add any missing point too via comments. There are high chances that your blog comments will get approve. In WordPress blog commenting system, there is the option of adding your website. You can list your website out there and get indexed by the search engine easily.

There are websites which allows you to create profiles on themselves. You can also create profiles on such different websites. These websites have good crawl rate due to their reputation. So submitting your website in your profile on these sites will let your site to be indexed quickly in search engine. Here is Free High PR Profile Creation Sites List that will help you to create quality backlinks and index your website faster.

7. Social Bookmarking :

Social Bookmarking is a way of saving your link online for further reconsideration or reading. There a lot of high quality social bookmarking sites where you can save your website. The main and foremost benefit of Social Bookmarking is that they are accessible by other people in the network. They are also a great source of traffic. Many bookmarking websites provide you backlinks which can later on counted to be your ranking factor.

Bookmarking websites have a high crawl and index rate. Search engines indexes the links present on these websites faster and it help you to get your website indexed on search engines. Some of these sites may be paid too. Here I have done the homework for you and here is list of Free High PR Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites for 2016

8. Interlinking :

Interlinking is the process of connecting the relevant pages or posts within a website or a blog. If you are running a blog and updating it regularly, then you can interlink your new posts to the previous posts that are already indexed. This will give you an extra boost to your website in search engine rankings as well as in faster indexing.

9. Pinging Services: 

For indexing your websites faster, you can use the free pinging services provided by various websites. One of the Pinging websites is Ping-o-Matic. These websites notify the search engines about the new web page that you will submit here. This will also let you index your websites more quickly and profoundly.

10. Diversification of your content: 

You can diversify your original content by submitting a summary about that in different other content-sharing websites. It can be in the form of Docs, PDFs and Infographics. You can give credit back to the main website to be indexed. These Docs, PDFs and Infographics are easily crawlable. When search engines indexes these content forms, it will also index your new websites.

These are some of the workable methods to index your website quickly in Google as well as in other search engines. You can clear your doubts further by commenting below in the comment box. I will revert back to you within 24 hours. If you find this post helpful then you can help your friends by sharing it on social media.

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