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Today in Rusty Blogger’s interview series I am going to share a great chat with one of the influential bloggers in Internet Marketing and SEO domain. You must have come across Tips2Secure while searching for any Internet Marketing Tip on the web.

Today we have with us one of the dynamic bloggers, Creator of Tips2Secure Mr Suresh Kashyap. You will love to hear the insights of making money online through blogging.

Stick to this post as you are going to get some of the brainstorming ideas right from Suresh’s secret lab to rank your website in search engines and earn huge money.

Let us begin the show:

Abhishek: Please throw some light on your initial start of Internet Marketing career… 

Suresh: First of all thank you Abhishek for Inviting me here to share my views with your readers.

I was 19 years old when I first came to know about Internet marketing (not blogging) and I jumped into the online MLM Industry and online HYIP sites. I worked with those sites around 2-3 years. But I felt there was no career in that Industry because after every 3-4 months companies used to scam people and there is again a new site with the same business opportunity in the market. I was fed up with that. That’s why I decided to leave that industry and to focus on something genuine and long term income plans. No doubt, I learnt a lot from that field. If today I am a blogger then the credit goes to that online MLM industry.

Abhishek: When did you jump into blogging? 

Suresh: When I left HYIP and online MLM sites, I came to know about Google Adsense. I met a person and we made a deal to sale Adsense accounts to people for money. We started selling hosted Adsense accounts(along with youtube channel & Blogspot blogs) to people. We did not know anything about blogging or Adsense that time still we would sell Adsense accounts to people. The guy I was working with had learnt from somewhere how to get approved Adsense hosted accounts.

To be honest, none of our clients earned even a single payment. Then I realized that there is something wrong and decided to stop this business too.

And at that time, I finalized to give a try to blogging and jumped into blogging (Approx. 2 years ago).

 Abhishek: What is your primary source of income? Can you share your income stats from blogging?

Suresh: Well, my primary source of income is blogging. I do affiliate marketing with my blog. I accept sponsored posts and also earn from Google Adsense.

If I talk about my Income stat then I can say after completing my graduation if I joined any company or Govt. job and the salary I would get, today I am crossing that figures 5 times every month.

Abhishek: What does a person need to start a blog? How will you motivate a person to start blogging? 

Suresh: Passion, Dedication and Love towards blogging are three major qualities that make a blogger successful.

If you are a newbie and planning to start a blog with the only intention to earn money then sorry to say, just leave your idea to blog. According to my experience 90% of new bloggers who come in this field just to make money, they start a blog and write 10-15 posts (mostly by copying other’s content) and when they do not see any result they simply quit blogging. Some of them go long (3-6 months) but they also quit after that period of time. What I suggest you here, If you want to start a blog then forget about your earnings for some time (6 months – 1 year) and focus only on your blog.

 If you are going to start a new blog then do not leave your job or traditional work in the excitement. If you do so then it would be your biggest mistake. Later, if you think that you are doing well a lot in blogging then you may think to leave your jobs but not at your start. Nobody can motivate you if you can’t do it yourself for you. I would like to suggest you if you feel negativity towards your work then just go and read the journey of successful bloggers and learn about them how they got success and what challenges they faced to be a successful blogger.

Abhishek: Throw some light about the journey of Tips2Secure from initial level till now.

Suresh: If I start discussing the journey of Tips2secure then it would be very long. In brief, when I stopped selling Adsense accounts I started researching on how people earn money with Adsense and I came to know about blogging. I made 3-4 Blogspot blogs and also got approved Adsense account (getting Adsense approval was quite easy that time).

I did not have any knowledge about SEO, or how to drive traffic on blogs. I bought some paid traffic from PTC sites. As a result, I was banned 5 times by Google Adsense. Still, I did not lose my hopes and created one new Adsense account by using a new email address.

As time passed, I struggled and learnt so many new things and finally booked my first TLD domain on 8th November 2014. This blog was started with the purpose to provide security tips to people and make them learn how to secure themselves from Hacking. That was why I chose domain Tips2Secure.

 Later I changed my mind and started writing my experiences of blogging on my blog. I worked very hard to make that blog successful and today that blog is performing well.

(When I started blogging I did not have any system or computer, it was my simple Spice M5252 model phone with WAP GPRS who helped me to get in Blogging Industry.)

Abhishek: What difficulties did you face during your blogging journey?

Suresh: The very first difficulty that I faced was I did not have a computer or PC to start my blog. I started my blog Tips2secure on my mobile phone. I did not have any knowledge of HTML or coding as I had done my schooling in Arts.

I tried to contact other bloggers to have help from them but nobody helped me. Even I offered them money for that but they were asking for a huge amount but I could not afford that much amount.

I was being criticized by my classmates, friends and relatives that I can’t do this type of work. They advised me to leave blogging and focus on my studies to have a job.

But I never cared their words.

I did not have any idea of the content, SEO, blog promotion and other blogging tactics.

But this was my passion who forced me to stay in blogging and then I learnt the things with the help of Google.

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Abhishek: What are your content marketing strategies for Tips2Secure?

Suresh: I do not have any content marketing strategy at all. I just write and share my personal experiences regarding blogging and SEO on my blog and share it on my social profiles. I always believe in organic traffic and for that, I focus on On-Page optimization while writing my posts.

Abhishek: How many Blogs do you own? Describe something about everything?

Suresh: I have recently started working on some micro niche blogs. So for now, I have only one blog, i.e.,

Abhishek: How do you make money?

Suresh: I make money by writing sponsored/paid posts, affiliate marketing and Google Adsense.

Abhishek: What link building strategies do you focus on? Genuine one? 

Suresh: I write case studies to get backlinks for my blog. I studied a lot and found that people take an interest in giving backlinks to case studies more as compared to other category posts.

Abhishek: Do you see a vibrant career in Blogging?

Suresh: These days, we see every platform is setting up their work online. Some of those already established well their businesses online and some are trying hard to make it live online. For all that, those businesses are investing a lot of money on online marketing and as a result, there is a huge increase in the number of advertisers and their spending budgets. In this scenario, bloggers can be benefited well. So, if we say making a career in blogging is better than 9 to 6 jobs then it won’t be wrong.

Abhishek: Some Online Marketing Experts say SEO is Dead? How would you consider it? 

Suresh: If you follow the ethics then SEO is illegal and unethical. I am not saying to stop doing SEO, I have just given a point here. get this basic SEO Guide for Free.

According to ethics,

SEO is search engine optimization and this is the job of search engines how they optimize their engines to show better results. But we people take the whole scenario in the wrong way (Me also).

No doubt, Search engines rank the good backlink sites easily and for that, we people start building links in unethical ways like commenting, directory submissions, guest blogging and in other ways.

Here we are forcing Google and other search engines to show our blogs.

Search engines expect that if the user’s blog is good and of good quality then other people link their blogs automatically and this will pass link juice to blogs.

But we people work on many unethical and spammy ways to get backlinks.

Search engines are aware of this type spamming, that’s why they put penalties on the blogs with lots of unnatural and spammy backlinks.

You need to know the difference between do follow and no follow backlinks.

If the experts are saying SEO is dead then this is the reason behind their words. World of traditional SEO has been totally changed but people are still working according to older techniques and as a result, they are being penalized instead of getting rank.

So is it not better to stop traditional SEO practices?

But what I say here, SEO is not dead and it will never die if we stop spamming. Do SEO practices but in natural ways.

Abhishek: Your Expert advice for newbies?

Suresh: Just focus on your targets and goals. Be dedicated towards your goals. Never care those people who de-motivate you.

Abhishek: Criticism invited for Rusty Blogger and me? I love to hear from you. 

Suresh: Trust me, man, you are doing great. I already have experienced that your blog is performing well in search engines. You are on the right track and the only thing I advise you to work hard and make your blog more productive.  You can contact Suresh directly on his Facebook profile.

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