Record Videos on Desktop with Audio Easily with Movavi Screen Recorder

Do you need to record your training video on your desktop? You may have recruited a new batch of interns and the training video will be helpful for them. Now, conducting training tutorials for each batch of recruits is certainly tiring. Won’t it be great to have a recorded video to play for all your training sessions so that you can focus on more important aspects of your business? Certainly, yes. And this is where Movavi Screen Recorder comes in.

Developed by top software developer Movavi, the screen recorder with audio recording capacity is very simple to use and your basic computing skills will be enough to operate it.

Here is a brief on how to record your training video with sound with the Movavi program.

Install Movavi Screen Recorder

The first thing is to download & install Movavi Screen Recorder on your computer.

Set ripping parameters

Then you will have to trace your capture area. Take the mouse to draw the capture frame. In case, you have to rip the video in full-screen mode, go to Capture Area & select Full Screen for the monitor. Users can select between widescreen and standard formats & manually adjust the size of the capture area.

Then, you will have to set audio preferences. The Movavi program is able to record sound from an output audio device. But in this case, you will definitely be using the microphone. So, make sure to click on the microphone symbol on the Movavi program window to activate input device audio. Don’t forget to plug in your microphone beforehand.

As you will be recording your training video on desktop, you will have to use the webcam. So, you must make sure to activate the webcam button before starting the recording. To adjust the webcam video recording, click on the cogwheel tab to configure the size, framerate, and position of webcam video recording.

Record the video

Click on REC & the Movavi program will begin to record your video. Movavi Screen Recorder enables you to control the recording process through its control panel.

Save the video

Click on Save to save the video.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder:

  • Able to record any live video online and desktop screencasts
  • Records in-game footage for gaming walkthroughs
  • Able to grab audio while recording from various sources
  • Able to perform basic editing functions on recorded videos
  • Supports all major media formats and can convert the recorded video in any format

Useful tips for users:

Both Windows & Mac users can control the recording process with Movavi Screen Recorder with hotkeys.

Windows users:

  • F9- pause or resume
  • F10- complete the recording
  • F8- take a screenshot

Mac users:

  • 1- pause or resume
  • 2– complete the recording
  • 3– take a screenshot

Do let us know about the experience of Movavi Screen Recorder.

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