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Starting an online business is not too difficult but it is very difficult to maintain. The most difficult is to retain your customer. For that, you depend on several marketing tools like Email services, SMSes, Web Push Notifications, and many others which help you to remarket your old customers as well as generate new leads for your business. The balance between new and recurring customers is very much important.

 It seems easy but in actual a tedious task to collaborate all these activities at a single table. 

What if I say there is a service provider that provides all these services at a single glance. You still don’t believe it? 

Send Pulse is such a company that takes care of all of your marketing needs at a single glance. They provide us with Email Service, Web and Mobile Push Notification Service, SMTP Server, and SMS service all on a single platform. You can now manage your outbound and recurring marketing through send pulse very easily at a very affordable price.

Brief Introduction about “Send Pulse

Send Pulse is an all in one Email Marketing, Web & Mobile Push, SMSing service that gives you easy access to ease your marketing efforts.

There are over 320,000 customers who trust Send Pulse due to their unmatched reliable service.

Send Pulse is working on new artificial intelligence technology that is going to improve the Email Open rate by 30% which ultimately going to increase your business. This will be based on Email Personalization, Email Timings, and Content Optimization.

Let us see what doest Send Pulse carries. What does it provides so below are the features of Send Pulse which will help you to understand better about this amazing email marketing platform? 

Features can be separately elaborated for each of the Send Pulse services.

 Features of Send Pulse Email Marketing

  • Ready-made templates: You will find a list of ready-made templates where you can simply drag, drop, edit and send mail.
  • Responsive Emails: Emails templates are responsive which means they formulate themselves according to the device.
  • Mobile App: You can organize your emails through a mobile app, no need to log on to the web again and again.
  • Email Scheduling: Schedule your emails for later according to the convenience of the customer. 
  • A/B Testing: You can now test the best performing mails by altering the newsletter content and layouts.

Features of Send Pulse SMTP Server

  • Quick and Simple Integration: Integration of any domain to the SMTP server is very simple and can be done without any technicalities.
  • Dedicated IP Address: You will be provided a dedicated IP Address which will reduce the mail spam.
  • Minimum Spam: The emails sent through Send Pulse SMTP are ensured that these will not fall into spam.
  • Reliable Servers: You can rely upon the unbreached servers of Send Pulse.
  • Stats and Reports: Clear statistics and reports based on the emails sent, delivered and action possessed.

Features of Send Pulse Web Push Notifications

  • Free to use: Yes you heard right? This is a completely free service to use. Enjoy increasing your reach.
  • Easy Integration: You can integrate this service within 5 minutes by adding a simple line of code.
  • Segmentation: Make push notification segments on the basis of location, device type, and many other 
  • Personalization: You can send personalized notifications to different people by altering their salutation and names.
  • Bulk Messages: There is an option to send push messages in bulk on the web as well as on mobile.

Features of Send Pulse SMS Service

  • Global Reach: Reach a global audience with the global SMS service of Send Pulse. No country restrictions.
  • Personalization: You can send personalized SMS and messages to different people by altering their salutation and names.
  • Scheduling: Schedule the messages according to the requirements and the best time frame.
  • Autoresponders: You can send automatic SMS whenever someone subscribes to the mailing list or performs any action

What makes Send Pulse different from other marketing tools?

There are so many other Email, Web Push, SMTP, and SMS marketing tools but what differentiates Send Pulse from others.

  • Single Collaborative Platform: Send Pulse is a one-stop-shop for your push marketing needs. Here you are getting all things in a common platter.
  • API Integration: You can integrate Send  Pulse API with your existing CMS like WordPress, Magento, and others so as to directly push Emails and Messages.
  • Pricing: Send Pulse allows you to test the service for free up to a limited number of subscribers and when you are completely satisfied then you can 
  • 24X7 Customer Support: Amazing Support from Send Pulse made them the best marketing platform. You can get your queries solved at any point in time.

Final Words

Send Pulse is an awesome push marketing tool that has integrated all the marketing services into a single table. I would recommend Send Pulse to everyone who is using all these push marketing activities such as Emails, SMS, SMTP Server, Web, and Mobile Push. MUST TRY!

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