What is Video Search and How Can it Help Your Business?

We personally felt that many people are neglecting this part of digital marketing that can bring decent leads for your business; yes, we are talking about Video Search.

So in this article, we will discuss Video search and make you understand how this type of marketing strategy can positively impact your business.

First, let’s understand what a video search is. Before learning about it, we must always address the Why question to understand the purpose of what we learn. “Why do people do video search when there are other forms of searching for information? What are they trying to accomplish? Etc,

When researched for the above questions, Google itself gave three different reasons for this, reflect, connect, or learn.


Video search is an escape reality in today’s world, it also helps you reflect on something you search for. You know that Youtube, the giant, is influencing people in many ways. People search for different things on Video search and get the opportunity to reflect on them.


People generally love to connect with like-minded ones. A recent survey found that about 51% of people feel that they need to connect themselves with others via video content

Eg. If you are struggling to reduce weight and if you search related to this, you can find that you are not alone. So many people would have already put up a weight loss remedy in video format, which you can compare yourself with and find a solution to that.


Today’s internet has tonnes of information about everything. You can find anything on the internet in either audio, video, or written format. So you get the opportunity to learn. Video search gets more visitors, as people find it more convenient to learn things using this format.

How to Use Video Search to Grow Your Business?

This is an important part of the article. If you have understood why people do video searches, you must also learn how to use video searches to grow your business.

To help you with this, we have listed some important points here:

It’s crucial to understand your audience.

For this, identify the platform in which your target audience is present. You know that people watch more videos on Youtube than on Facebook, so if your audience is using youtube and you are promoting your brand on Facebook, that’s a loss. 

Once you find out your audience’s platform, then the other things to look for are what do they search for? What they type on the search bar and how it can be directed towards your page. The simplest way to do this is, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and analyze how they search. You will get the point!

Connect with them

You need to connect with the video searcher, which provides the exact content or right answer for what people are looking for. Since 100’s of options are available, if you don’t provide the exact info right away in your video, people will lose interest and move on to your competitor’s video.

Learn everything about the chosen video platform

After analyzing the platform in which you can find your target audience, you must learn everything about the platform to promote your business there to get leads from it.

Time it correctly

This is an important factor to consider. Time will have a significant impact on your video ranking on any platform. Please focus on the length of the video and put it in a way how the video searcher wants it. 

Optimize your videos for video search

The last and important part is optimization. After following all these things, you must like to optimize the articles on websites for SEO purposes; you must also do a video search. Two things have to be done here for video optimization, your video thumbnail, and your video description. If these two things are, you must keep them in mind.

Final words

Some of the most popular video search engines are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, TikTok. You can plan and execute your strategies on these platforms and get good business leads. Hope this article has given you insight into what a video search is and how you can utilize it for your business. Share this information with the people who might need this information. Cheers!


Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.