6 New YouTube SEO Tips for Ranking a Video on YouTube in 2020

With the ever-increasing volume of the content on the internet, it has become important for marketers and brand managers to ensure that your content is visible to the target customers. In order to ensure high visibility for your video content amidst all the competition, YouTube SEO has become a necessity.

SEO or search engine optimization is a term used to define various activities that are employed by a business to improve its website’s ranking across various popular search engines, achieve the first-page ranking and maintain it for long term. 

YouTube as a video marketing platform

Video marketing is fast becoming a key category for marketers and brand managers to target new customers with effective multimedia content. Such is the rising popularity of YouTube as a video sharing platform that it has become the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

As per a recent report, YouTube is now generating more than 90 billion page views every month and is also being used to drive traffic towards external websites, online platforms, and blogs. For this, you need to have proper YouTube SEo for your channel.

In addition, to help you market your products and services to the target customers, YouTube also offers an incredible opportunity to monetize your content, but in order to be able to make money out of your YouTube channel or videos, it is important that your videos get enough views and your channel has adequate subscribers.

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This is an easy step if you are a big brand or company, as a large number of customers would be seeking you and your videos on YouTube but if you are a relatively new entrant in the industry, you will need to work on your Video YouTube SEO to attract more audiences to your video.

No matter how great your video is or what unique content it is offering, it is not going to get enough views if it does not feature prominently in the search results. With more than 400 hours of videos being uploaded on YouTube every minute, you need to use effective YouTube Video SEO strategies to make sure that your videos feature prominently in the search results.

YouTube SEO is very different from standard SEO because here you have to promote a video. How do you tell a search engine that what is present in the video and if it useful for the customer or not? This is where the essence of Video SEO lies, telling the YouTube search engine that what is the content of the video and if it is relevant for the “searcher” or not.

Interesting YouTube SEO Tips for Ranking a Video on YouTube

Optimizing your videos for improving their ranking in YouTube results requires you to optimize your video and content according to the latest YouTube algorithm. Here are a few useful tips to help you optimize your videos for a higher YouTube ranking.

1. Content is the King: – First and foremost, you need to create engaging and informative content that the viewers would want to watch. If your video is not interesting to the audiences and they leave the video in the initial few seconds, no matter what type of Video SEO strategy you use, it is not going to get you any result.

So, do not upload any haphazardly shot videos, spend some time and create interesting videos that compel the audiences for repeated viewing.

2. Use keywords in the title: – You must use an exciting title for your video which indicates to the viewers (as well as YouTube search algorithm) that what is the content of the video. The title should be an accurate description of the video to help the search engine understand its relevance for the “searcher.”

One useful trick that you can employ here is using YouTube search bar. Type in a few keywords related to your niche and YouTube will show various auto-complete options. Use these long-tail keywords to create interactive titles. 

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3. Accurate video description: – This is an incredible opportunity for you. You must create a meaningful and precise description of the video and its contents. The first few lines are very essential in this process as they are analyzed by YouTube search to understand the relevance of the video to the query is.

Again, use the YouTube search auto-complete feature to identify long tail keywords and use them in the description for faster rise in your YouTube search ranking.

4. Give a name to your video: – When you are uploading your video, you must make sure that you give a proper name to the video file. If possible include a keyword in the video name as well to help the YouTube search understand the contents of the video and index it accordingly.

You need to remember that YouTube search cannot look inside a video, it is your duty to tell it regarding the content of the video.

5. Embed Links: – This strategy is almost the same as backlinking used for standard SEO. You can embed the links to your video on other sites and then draw traffic to your channel and likewise embed links in your video to drive traffic towards your website.

But you must be careful while using this technique because if done wrong, your video and channel might be blacklisted by YouTube. Make sure you use only a few high-quality links and spread them over the length of the video and never bombard all the links on the screen at once, as it will be labeled as spam by YouTube.

6. Use Tagging: – Tags are listed below your videos on YouTube and offer an excellent opportunity to improve your YouTube SEO ranking. Tags are analyzed during the search process by the search engine to understand the contents of the video and provide other opportunities to link them such as through person name, place name, event name, etc. Make sure that the first tag you use is your primary keyword, and the remaining tags are related to it.

With millions of target customers, YouTube offers you an incredible opportunity to leverage high-quality video content to enhance your brand visibility and engage the customers.

Then there is the added benefit of making money through YouTube channels. So, the opportunity is yours to lose.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.