10 Powerful SEO Chrome Extensions

SEO is a sea. There is no exact rule to rank your websites; everyone follows a different strategy to rank a website. So if you are a digital marketer, you will need to wear different hats and handle multiple SEO things.

This is where the SEO chrome extensions come into the picture. These extensions can immensely reduce your work burden and help you in performing multiple tasks easily. We assume that you are a Google Chrome user, and this article will tell you about some powerful SEO chrome extensions.

As already told, you need to perform various SEO-related tasks like managing content, ON-page SEO, Link Building, etc. We will specify some important SEO extensions for each technique.

Content Organizing Chrome Extensions

The internet is overloaded with a lot of information, and finding high-quality content is tiresome. So we will tell you about two powerful extensions to help you with this.

  • Evernote Web Clipper

If you are tired of bookmarking web pages on your Chrome and finding it to handle it, then install this extension. It comes with powerful note-taking functionalities and helps you to organize whatever you want to save for reading it later.

You can save many articles in an Evernote account, and it gets synced across all the devices and is accessible through all Evernote accounts.

  • Pocket

If you don’t feel Evernote is working for you, we have another suggestion, Pocket. A pocket is also a useful tool to save both articles and videos for later reference.

The best part of using this extension is to download the Android or iOS mobile application of Pocket and even listen to the articles saved on Chrome.

Google Chrome extensions for On-page SEO and Usability analysis

People don’t have patience nowadays. It is crucial to value their time. If your website fails to load in 3 secs, your visitors will move on to the next.  

So monitoring your website speed is an important part of SEO. SO here we recommend Google’s PageSpeed Insights Chrome Extension. This amazing extension explores your website’s usability and identifies the elements that slow your loading time.

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  • Redirect Path

Even if you aren’t a coding geek, you need to know some basic technical stuff to handle your website.

If you want to redirect your website and monitor it, then we recommend, Redirect path. This extension is a redirect checker that flags URLs with their HTTP status codes like 301, 302, 304, 404, and 500 and eliminates manual checking. This tool gives you all the details about the URL redirects you entered to the final URL.

Being one of the oldest marketing software, Mozbar chrome extension is still a popular tool. This extension allows you to access the important metrics about a website like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Keyword Highlights, Link Profile, etc.

It can work both in SERP’s as an overlay and also as a toolbar when visiting a site. So if you visit a website, Mozbar will do a deep analysis of the web page and automatically give you a detailed SEO analysis.

  • Page analytics By Google

If you want to understand your website behavior, then this extension can help you. It allows you to learn about the active users in real-time, customer interaction, the number of clicks on your page, etc.

  • Majestic backlink analyzer

This is a popular and powerful link intelligence tool analysis and gives you a brief report about your competitor’s backlinks based on its trust flow and citation flow. 

This tool has important metrics tabs like summary, backlinks, and anchor text. But the free account allows you to check only the summary tab, where this summary tab will tell you how strong a website is(competitors site).

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Link Building and Outreach Management Chrome Extensions

  • Ninja outreach lite

If you want to launch a guest blogging campaign or build connections with influencers, this extension can ease your work. This is a free extension that acts as a version of the original tool. You can mine much data easily available on the internet using this Ninja outreach lite.

  • Scraper

You can streamline the online research effectively using this chrome extension. It copies the links or relevant content from a webpage, which you can export later in a Google doc.

  • Link Miner

Did you know that broken link-building techniques can have a positive impact on your website’s authority? 

Yes, it does. But implementing this technique requires a lot of effort. This is where the link miner comes as a savior. Link miner is a handy tool that can conduct page analysis and find the BLB.

Final words:

These are some of the best Chrome extensions that can ease your SEO work. Install it without fail, and ease your work. Thanks for reading!


Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.