How to Drive Website Traffic Through Social Media Advertising.

Fill your profile promote your blog content make content is it to share a post when your audience is an active focus on sharing visual content engage with your audience consistently optimize your calls to action test paid social media advertising.

Follow these steps to drive more web traffic from social media: optimize your social profiles use social profuse, less popular platforms.

Time it right

Make share button software’s

Promote your content

Engage your audience

Be responsive

To get your social media traffic rolling, follows these steps to get people to your social channels and ultimately to your website:

Inspire your audience with visuals

Make your content easily shareable

Improve your SEO

Know when your audience is listening

Research your competitors.

Facebook has more audience than other social networks, so Facebook is the best network to drive traffic to our website.

Social traffic refers to traffic coming to your website, a mobile app from social networks, and social media platforms. For example, a person who clicks on a Tree or a web Facebook post and then arrives on your brand suicide will be counted as social traffic in your digital analytics reports.


Media traffic:

In broadcasting, traffic is the scheduling of program material, particularly the advertisements, for the broadcast day ….in the traffic department generates the daily log of programming elements such as commercial features and Public Service announcements, the law defines when the earth planet to be aired.

Social media traffic is significant because social media is the primary source for generating E-Commerce traffic. Social media leads ahead of the traditional media in driving traffic to your website. They bring in a lot of opportunities to gain business visitors and convert leads.

There are three types of traffic. They are traffic you influence: influenced traffic is the traffic you can’t directly control; you can only affect it.

The traffic you rent the following type of traffic is rented traffic

The traffic you own is the third category of traffic, so the traffic you own.

Using of social media to increase traffic and sales:

Use Facebook dynamic ads to do remarketing .optimize the visual content of your Facebook ads with carousel format.

Run give Awareness to drive social referral traffic.

Use Facebook Messenger as a customer support channel.

To increase traffic to your website directly:

Advertise this one is so obvious you’re going to look at it first.

Get social

Write irresistible headlines

Pay attention to on-page SEO

Target long-tail keywords

Start guest blogging

Invite others to guest blog on your site.

All the total amount of traffic will not influence your search rankings traffic does play a significant role in where your website appears in search results.

Direct traffic:

in short, Google Analytics will support the traffic source of “plain” when it has no data on how the section arrived at your website or when the referring source has been configured to be ignored.

But sites receiving direct traffic can often look to a few scenarios to credit sources. The top two reasons for direct traffic are HTTPS migrations and redirect deployment.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is an SEO Expert with extensive 7+ years of experience. He helps businesses to build their brand and get leads through the Internet without spending anything on Facebook and anything on Google.