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In Rusty Blogger’s Interview Series, after the interviews of  Iftekhar Ahmed of IftiSEO, Kulwant Nagi of Blogging Cage, Suresh Kashyap of Tips2Secure, Nikhil Saini of My Quick Idea and Manpreet Kaur of Finix Post, its turn of one of the biggest blogging brand in India.

Excited to read and watch one more blistering interview of the Brandable Blogger “Jitendra Vaswani” of BloggersIdeas. He is one of the top bloggers in India which focuses on Branding rather than cheap marketing. In this interview Jitendra has shared about his journey and some amazing tips, tricks and tactics to grow your blog enormously.

Q1: How do you introduce your branding journey through BloggersIdeas?

A: My branding journey started with I never thought that this blog would give me so much branding in India. I started blogging to learn SEO & do experiments for my keywords. But this blog turned into a brand. I worked hard on it and achieved success with branding.

Q2: Now tell us how do you manage your girlfriends with blogging?

LOL, this is a very funny question bro.

Bloggers cannot have many girlfriends that are for sure. As we bloggers always have a lot of work about how we can manage too many girls. I have 1 girlfriend for a long time and I am very happy with her. We had fights but our love is very strong.  To impress my girl I had to hustle here also. She said NO for 14 times at least then after 14 the time she said YES finally. She was very difficult to win but I had a huge crush on her. I wanted her for a long time because the kind of girl she is is rare to find. Loyalty is rare in this 21 st century. Everyone looks for short term relationships, I always prefer long term, I found her perfect and I am glad that she is with me.

She understands my work and supports me a lot.

Q3: Everyone focus on success story but would you like to light upon your failures?

Yes, I had failures too, when I started out blogging I was not aware of paid links penalization from Google, I had some blogs where I took paid link and these got penalized by Google badly. I lost money there.

Also when I was starting my entrepreneurship journey no one in the family supported me and I was very alone to start with. I started a business with my very close friend and failed in doing business. I lost nearly 20000$ there and this was a big blow to my head.

Never do business with your friends. Sign contract always and be legal as much as possible.

Q4: Many experts say SEO is Dead? How do you take it?

Never I am relying on SEO too much. I don’t think SEO gonna die. You need to change your strategies for your blogs and see what works best. Experimenting is best when it comes to SEO. Try out new things and see which is working. I always test something new at my end and check results after that.

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Test your campaigns and see what is working.

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Watch this Rusty Blogger’s Video Interview with Jitendra Vaswani where he has something hidden 🙂 

Q5:  You are now brand in Indian blogging industry. How do you feel?

I feel good and always try to give my best to the blogging industry. Sometimes branding have cons too. Some newbies expect a lot from you. If I don’t reply to them then they started hating me and say bad things about me. They need to understand that I have limited time and I have to manage my family too.

Some newbies don’t even research on Google directly come to me for seeking help like please help me in making money online. I feel bad but I can’t help it.

Q6: Experts say Networking Networking Networking? How important it is?

Yes, networking is very important when I started my business I focused on building relationships with strong influencers in my niche. Today I am successful in having strong relationships with experts.

I use social media to build a relationship and do business with my network. Your network is your net worth.

Q7: Out of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing, Which one you will prefer?

I will prefer all. Because each one is correlated to each other. I cannot survive without these 3. Content is king in SEO so as SMM.

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Q8: We all know your product Schema Ninja created a buzz in internet world but people does not know the hard work put by you behind? What do you say?

Yes, I worked very hard for my product SchemaNinja. I was having sleepless night, frustration, stress & depression. I had invested a lot of time & money into this product to give the best affiliate marketers and bloggers.

Some newbie bloggers said they can make this product in 7 days, they were just trying to be smart but I don’t want to name them here. They don’t understand how much efforts it takes to make a product.

In the initial phase of SchemaNinja, I hired developers and had to work with them continuously to explain them the product concept. Testing was a crucial part of SchemaNinja.

Even pro bloggers Kulwant Nagi, Pardeep Kumar liked my SchemaNinja. It was an immense pleasure for me.

Somehow after huge efforts, I launched SchemaNinja and it got a good response. I made around 300 sales. It was a good number for me and now I am releasing a free version of SchemaNinja.

Paid version features will be coming in 2016 end. I am having 7 new kickass features in SchemaNinja. I want to make this product the best recommendation plugin in WordPress. I am not focusing on Schema rating part. Because the main focus of the product is based on Recommendation. Trust me bloggers gonna love these new amazing product SchemaNinja

Q9: Let us know about two best and two worst moments in blogging career?

Best moments when newbie bloggers get inspired by my work. I feel so good.

The worst moment when some bloggers don’t value my time. They always think that I am free and they own me in some or the other way. Bloggers should learn to respect the time of other professional bloggers.

Q10: Most of Bloggers avoid quitting their current job to do full time blogging, when is the right time to quit?

If you are planning to do full time blogging. Always have a solid backup plan like have good savings or have some job backups. If things go wrong you must have security at your end.

Done just leave the job by seeing other pro bloggers lifestyle. Understand their hard work and get into their shoes. Then you will realize that life these pro marketers live is all because of their solid hustle.

Learn here How To Launch A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog: In 10 Minutes Or Less

Q11: I ll not ask you any tip to excel in blogging as your blog is enough for this thing, Instead tell us how to remain focused during blogging?

Make goals. Avoid social media when you are blogging seriously. Divide your time and make tasks for the day. Hire the right set of people and work with them. I am building a team now and working with them. Your team is your money weapon. To manage it well.

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